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~precious metal clay - as magical as a newborn's smile.

Amazing PMC!
(Precious Metal Clay)

Mold it, stamp it, shape it, paint with it, fire it  & go home -
with a unique fine (.999%) silver piece of jewelry!


Four Stars!! "Everyone should try their hand at this.  It takes creativity to a whole new level."

~Mrs. Buttercup

Here then is our current line up of PMC and/or Art Clay Classes -



 PMC 101 - The Basics

If you can use a roller, a texturizing stamp, and a cookie cutter - you can discover the wonderful world of Precious Metal Clay.  PMC is a fine silver infused compound clay mixture that allows you to sculpt your own jewelry into many usable shapes and applications.  Once fired, the clay matrix bakes away and you are left with a pure .999 fine silver creation. Tumble, burnish, and patina your projects to get interesting effects. Totally cool as well as beautiful. (PMC - Precious Metal Clay .999% pure silver)

Level:  Beginner
Instructor:  Pat Henriques
Fee:  $160. materials included

PMC Clasp Making

Pat brings us another advanced and fully usable technique using PMC with this beautiul Clasp making technique. Knowing this technique with bring your artisan jewelry up a whole new level. You will love creating your own designs.

Level:  Intermediate/Advanced - students must have prior PMC working experience. 
Instructor:  Pat Henriques
Fee: $160. materials included

Students need to bring own tools to class

PMC Linked Bracelet

Take you PMC skills way up with this amazing bracelet. Learn how to form a bracelet using beautifully textured and connected links in PMC.  Wear your project home by end of class. Let Pat show you the secrets.

Level: Advanced - Must have prior PMC experience due to the fast pace and amount of work to be done in class.
Instructor:  Pat Henrique
Fee:  $160 materials included

Students must bring own tools to class.


PMC Meets Mother Nature!

Amazing and as beautiful as Mother Nature Herself -  learn how to use PMC paste to create exact replicas of leaves, twigs, pods, and flowers in one short class.  Once fired, you will have a pure (.999%) silver piece to enhance your jewelry collection. Students will have a finished piece to take home by the end of this amazing and fun class. 

Level:  Beginner/Intermediate  - Prior PMC experience helpful.
Instructor:  Pat Henriques
Fee:  $135. materials included

calla lilly earrings

Calla Lilly Earrings - using precious metal clay.

Let Sue show you how to mold metal clay into these beautiful silver Calla Lilly Earrings!  A perfect creative project and a great way to learn how to use precious metal clay! (PMC - Precious Metal Clay .999% pure silver)

Level:  Beginner/Intermediate
Instructor:  Sue Quinque
Fee:  $160. materials included

pmc rings

PMC Rings

Ready to take your PMC skills to the next level?  Let Pat show you how to use PMC to create beautiful artistic rings in one short afternoon. The variations and possibilities are endless. Students will wear their art home by the end of class. (PMC - Precious Metal Clay .999% pure silver)

Level:  Beginner
Instructor:  Pat Henriques
Fee: $160 materials included

PMC Sheet Work

Another great PMC (precious metal clay) class by Carol - Learn how to use sheet PMC to form beautifully layered pieces.  The possibilities are endless. Amazing. (PMC - Precious Metal Clay .999% pure silver)

Level:  Beginner
Instructor:  Pat Henriques
Fee:  $145. 

PMC Puffy Lentil Pendant

Let Pat show you how to create this beautiful dimensional Lentil bead pendant in one short afternoon.  You can texturize both sides differently so that you can create two looks in one!  A great way to advance your PMC skills.  Let Pat show you the secrets. Students will be able to wear their art piece home by end of class. (PMC - Precious Metal Clay .999% pure silver)

Level:  Intermediate/advanced - PMC experience needed.
Instructor:  Pat Henriques
Fee:  $160 

pmc bezeling

New! PMC Bezel Setting Stones 

Time to try bezeling!  This intermdiate PMC class will show you how to capture cabachon stones in your PMC pieces. A great way to add dimension and textures to anything PMC.  Pat will show you all the possibilities in one short afternoon.  Students will complete the project by end of class. Super cool! (PMC - Precious Metal Clay .999% pure silver)

Level:  Intermediate (PMC experience needed)
Instructor:  Pat Henriques
Fee:  $160 



PMC 102 - Intermediate to Advanced

Once you've mastered the basic skills, it is only natural to want to take your creations to a whole new level using more advanced techniques, like setting stones, riveting, using pmc with other medium, creating three dimensional pieces, and doing more advanced finishing techniques.  (PMC - Precious Metal Clay .999% pure silver)

Level: Advanced
Instructor:  Pat Henriques
Fee: $160

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