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Do you host children's parties?

Oh, heck yeah! - we're regular party animals.

We might not serve or throw beer, but we do throw beads and an occasional cupcake around. We specialize in teaching young beaders the art of beading - even with pizza stains and cupcake icing on our hands. We offer party packages for every age and for every budget.  Check out our Party packages page for details.

Do you host Girls Night Out beading parties?

~ Yes, we most certainly do. What better way to sit and have fun with your friends?  Bring your projects, some snacks, and light beverages - and we'll provide the space.  For any occasion or no occasion - you'll love beading in our friendly cottage setting.  Call ahead to reserve space.

Do you hold classes for different techniques?

~You betcha Margie.  We have the best instructors and the best beading projects in town.

Our artist/instructors are completely proficient in the art of their craft - they design and create beautiful projects for you and then sit and teach you all of their secrets. No kidding. Our Artisan Gallery featuring their artisan pieces will inspire the heck out of you ~ as well as make you green with envy.  Sign up today to learn a new technique or polish up an old one - you'll "bead" happy you did. Click here for class descriptions, prices, and information.

Do you sell finished Artisan pieces?

- Absolutely. We feel really sorry for the "handcrafted-challenged" population. 

Yes, there are some people who think they're not interested in learning how to bead.  Incredible isn't it?  Well, we're working on it.  We feel it's only a matter of time until they also fall into the great netherworld of beading.  In the meantime, we'll sell our pretty, sparkly things, to anyone - for any reason.  Stop in soon to see all of the beautiful and inspiring pieces we have for sale.

Do you sell seed beads?

-You betcha.  Seed beads and seed weaving are intregal parts of many of today's projects.  We carry a delicious array of quality Japanese seed beads in all shapes, colors, and sizes. 

Do you sell Swarovski crystals?

Sure!  No respectable bead store would be without them.  We carry various sizes of bicones, rounds, and rhondelles to complement your color palate.

Do you sell Czech floral beads?

~Yessiree Betty!  We have an exclusive selection of floral bead mixes packaged and ready for purchase.  We did the blending for you - so you don't have to.  Saves you time and money too by not having to buy whole strands of each color, size, and shape out there.  You will absolutely fall in love with these combos!

Do you sell tools and other items besides beads?

~ Yep.  We are an official Beadsmith distributor.  That means you have access to all the latest tools, books, and jewelry making materials right at your fingertips. If we don't already carry something you're looking for - then we can certainly try to order it in for you.

What kind of sterling do you have?

We carry a mix of different Sterling components.  Bali, Thai, Indian, and our personal favorite:  Saki Silver.  Take your creations to a whole new level and mix in the real deal.  You'll be really glad you did.

What are your store hours?

Currently our store hours are:

Tues & Wed 10 - 6

Thur & Fri 10-8

Saturdays 10-4

Sunday, 12-4

We are closed on Mondays.

We will also be closed or close early on the following holidays -  (because we have to cook too, ya know) - Christmas Eve & Christmas Day,  New Year's Eve & New Year's Day.  

How soon do I need to pay for classes?

Classes are paid for at the time of reservation. Class sizes are limited, so remember to call early to reserve your seat.  Cash, Check, and credit/debit cards accepted.  Please arrive 20 minutes early to gather your materials and choose your beads for the class. While it might seem like a good idea - We do not barter classes for children or small animals at this time.

What other services do you do?

For a small fee, will fix your broken jewelry, batch anneal your lampwork beads (for those of you who do not have kilns), custom design pieces for your girlfriend or grandmother, and probably lots of other really cool things too if you ask us very nicely.

I have some broken jewelry - can you fix it for me?

We are happy to repair your broken, but beloved, beaded jewelry for a small fee.  Just bring them in for us to evaluate.  We'll tell you if we can fix them and if we can't, we will help you find someone who can.

I have some of my grandmother's jewely that looks a bit dated - but I love the sentimental value of it - can you modernize it for me?

We do wonders with old or vintage beaded jewelry - in most cases, we can redesign it and create one or a few new pieces if you like, so that you can share with the rest of the family.  Call or stop in for a free consultation today! 

Do you give discounts to members of local bead societies or guilds?

We are happy to support most area societies and guilds by offering 10% discounts to their members with proof of valid (current) membership ID.  Just be sure to show your ID card at time of purchase.  Class Fees, Artisan Jewelry & Sale items are excluded for obvious reasons.

What is your return policy?

Keep your receipts!   All sales are final. We will gladly issue you a store credit for 30 days from date of purchase, as long as the items are in the same condition as when they were purchased - unused, unstrung, and unopened. Seed beads are not returnable or exchanged for any reason.

Do you have store gift certificates?

Listen up men!  - we have great store gift certificates for your addicted sweeties - for any occasion and for every reason - guaranteed to get also get you out of any jam!  Like the - "Honey, I accidentally spilled the beer on the new leather sofa," kind of jam or the "Mom, the dog ate your beads."  kind of jam.

And trust us - your sweetie can never, evah, evah, evah - have enough beads.  And yes, we know you don't really understand this beading thing - but sometimes you just have to accept life's little quirks and move on.  

May we bring our own beads or materials to classes?

As this is a delicate question, let me think about it and give you a lengthy and delicate answer.

...uh, no. 

There are lots of really good and boring technical reasons for this, but there's also this one too: We're in the business to sell beads silly!  But you can use beads for a class that you had previously bought from us. Of course, we're always hopeful you will buy new stuff too. We do have community bead mats, lighting, and tools on hand for every project.  Please arrive 20 minutes early to gather class materials and choose your beads from our wide selection.

Do you have classes for younger children?

The minimum age to take a group class is 14.  Students younger than that can take a private beginner class at any time with a parent or guardian.  A great way to spend some creative time with your kids!  Just call the shop to arrange the date. 484-524-8231.

What is your class cancellation policy?

We understand that once in a while stuff happens that may make you need to cancel your class. Yet in order to compensate our teachers for their professional time (and time blocked out of their schedule) as well as travel expenses, class fees are non-refundable.  We will, however, happily reschedule you into another class as long as you give us a full 48 hours notice in advance of the scheduled class.  Refunds will only be granted if we would need to cancel the class due to low attendance, bad weather, or other unforeseen reason. 

Should we bring our own tools to class?

We strongly encourage you to bring your own tools.  We do have a limited number of tools to share - but we like to evaluate and see what you are using - and offer tips and/or suggestions where needed. Naturally we have tools for sale too - and we will always help you choose the perfect fit.  We carefully choose which tools we sell, and only carry tools that we would personally use on a daily basis.Oh yeah, we're frugel like that...

Do you give wholesale pricing?

We're happy to offer 10% off sales of $300. or more with a valid reseller's license.  Be sure to bring ID, and a copy of your license for our files. Class fees & finished Artisan jewelry excluded.

Do you have a frequent buyer program?

We totally understand your need to bead. And we're here to help. Ask for our  "Just face it- You're Hopelessly Addicted Card".  Earn a stamp for every $30. you spend. Collect 10 stamps - and get 10% off the following purchase.  Class fees, & Artisan jewelry excluded. Offer cannot be combined with bead society discounts.

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