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17 Aug 2009

To blog or not to blog...that is the question.

I just saw that I could add an "articles" page here on the site - instead I think I will just make it a daily bead blog.

you know, so that when every once in a while - a thought might fly through my head.  And I might just feel like telling you about it.

It's been years since I've blogged on a daily basis - and this is about as close as I think I want to get back to it....

Last night's storms killed the shop's air conditioner.  We had crazy power surges. 

Today we came into our own little personal "Shop of Horrors" - at 10 am it was 83 degrees in here and climbing  - fast.

And it smelled like the musty old house that it really is....


Carlie, as you can imagine, was not happy. 

And the Momma was not happier still.

Amazingly, an emergency phone call fixed the problem.  We now have a brand spankin new Buttercup air conditioner.

and it works!

It's 72 degrees now - Yay!  

I don't do heat


in fact, I don't do heat.


I wonder who gets to foot this bill.....

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