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28 Aug 2009

Today I bought a new tube of lipstick at Aldie's.

"Aldie's", for those of you not familiar - is a no frills - very inexpensive- food store.  It carries weird, never heard of brands of food - and a bunch of other non food type stuff - like  "special purchases" of tools, and linen, and videos, and live plants, and car devices, and even an occasional computer or two - but the best, is that they sell it all at very reasonable prices.  And their little "off brands" are pretty darn good too- sometimes- no make that most times - better than the nationally known name brands of food. 

You have to pay for your shopping cart (but you get your .25 back when you return it) - and you also have to bring your own bags to carry out the goods.   But in exchange for the "no-frills" environment - you get rewarded with tons of savings.  It's a great "staples" kinds of shopping - and you can get a whole shopping cart full of food - for around $100 bucks.  The staff is exceedingly friendly and helpful, and gets you through the check out line in only a matter of minutes. You can't help but love Aldies. 

Every trip is a bit curious though - as you never know what you'll find - or what you'll come home with.

Anyway, the lipstick color is by "Lacura" (never heard of before) and is simply called "Coral" - and has nothing to actually do with the actual color that we most commonly know as "Coral" - it's really more of a pinky mauvey - natural tone.

It came elaborately boxed, and on the box promises: "Shine and intensive color for stunning lips." And all this for only $1.49. 

$1.49 for a new tube of lipstick.  Who can resist that?  And who, in their right mind, could ever resist hosting "stunning lips?" Okay besides the price - which is ridiculous in itself - I see that this product is also made in Germany.


I don't think I own any other makeup made in Germany - (but I do know that Germany makes some really fine products - being German, and all...)

So I pout my lips and carefully apply the color - mmmm, the lipstick is moist, and silky, and luscious - it feels like a very expensive brand - no funny aftertaste - and the color is pretty - not coral - but simple, and pretty.  It's a good everyday color.  (I'll probably wear this a lot.)  I am totally not surprised that once again - Aldies has brought me a really great product - one that I got a great deal on - and one that I will likely not find anywhere else -

It also has a really feminine, pretty fragrance to it...and it suddenly dawns on me that I've smelled that fragrance before. 

I am reminded of my Mother, and how beautiful she was, and how pretty she smelled bending down to kiss my sisters and I goodbye - ready to leave on a dinner date or night on the town with my father.  As a little girl - I loved that she would leave a smear of lipstick on my lips and how wearing - even a trace of lipstick -  made me feel so grown up.  I secretly never wanted to wipe it off, hoping it made me look as pretty as my Mom.  But she would instinctively wipe it away anyway with a soft thumb while smiling at me.

I don't know what kind of lipstick my mother wore, but I'm pretty sure it wasn't Aldies "Lacura"  made in Germany.  But whatever - I am grateful to Aldie for the new lipstick - and especially for the walk down memory lane.

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