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8 Nov 2009


"Well, that's a first," says Lyle, looking down on the album cover as I handed it and the pen to him....

"No one ever thought to scribble on my album cover to see if the pen works first."

"Well, I wanted to make sure it worked - I found it under the seats!"  I  nervously replied.

He looked up at me and smiled, his big, brillant, quirkly smile; the smile that only Lyle can do.

"Oh, just sign it!" I snapped back.


and he did. 

Thanks Lyle, for a wonderfully magical night - the music was incredible and fantastic!  And meeting you - with your big hair, and your quirky smile, and your big texas hand made boots is a memory I'll never forget.  (Such a southern gentleman - even if your penmanship is terrible.)

And thanks too, to Stuart, for making it all happen - who also scribbled his name - (which was legible) - next to Lyle's illegible scribble - which was next to my (intended) illegible scribble,

~the very same scribble that showed that the pen actually worked.


So magic and music quietly filled the night - in a little ol' opera house, in little ol'Wilmington, in the middle of the night, amid old friends.

Oh, yes, indeed, it sure did.


Lyle Lovett and his Large Band - Natural Forces Tour, The Grand Opera House - Wilmington, Delaware.  Monday, Nov. 8, 2009

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