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24 Jun 2011


* "Lucy is banging cops which is no big deal I guess. I don't run Lucy she's for to be her own woman" (free to be)
* "Lucy might have a problem, but what Lucy doesn't know won't learn her." (hurt)
* "Get me two bags of chips Dressed All Over and Zesty Mordant". (All Dressed and Zesty, Mordant is French for Zesty and is a mix-up of reading both languages on the bilingual packaging in Canada)
* "Yeah get me some jalapano chips" [pronounced ja-LAP-ano] (jalapeño)
* "Worst case Ontario..." (scenario)
* "Its basically Peach 'n Cake" (Piece of Cake)
* "Supply and Command..." (demand)
* "Denial and Error..." (trial)
* "Make my words" (Mark)
* "Hey Bubs are you watching that documentary on Saskatchewans?" (Sasquatches)
* "(While addressing the Judge in court) Thank you your Majesty." (Honour which is still incorrect. In Canada a female judge is to be referred to as My Lady.)
* "She's just going through a phrase...." (phase)
* "Make like a tree and fuck off." (leave)
* "I dont wanna say atodaso Julian but atodaso, I fucking todaso." (told you so)
* "It was golfing flames, flames just golfing, golfing." (engulfed in)

"It's a Catch 23 situation." (Catch 22)

* "(To Alex Lifeson of Rush) Well play that Diane Sawyer song then." (Tom Sawyer - Rush song)
* "This Trailer Park looks like a tropical earthquake blew through here Lahey." (storm)
* "We can get 2 birds stoned at once." (kill 2 birds with one stone)
* "Why do you look like Indianapolis Jones? (Indiana)
* "He passed with flying carpets." (colours)
* "It doesn't take rocket appliances." (science)
* "It's not rocket appliances" (Brain surgery or Rocket science)
* "Trinity's at the age where it's gorilla see gorilla do." (monkey)
* "Do you got a search warranty for that?" (warrant)
* "I must be fire retarded or something." (retardant)
* "I'm not a pezmist, I'm an optometrist. (Pessimist, Optimist)
* "These plates got me from Tuscany, Arizona to Kentville, Nova Scotia." (Tucson) - Ray, Ricky's Dad
* "I'll drive you back to the park Lucy but there is probably a pretty good chance that it might be over between us" (Ricky uses a triple conditional, just one would be sufficient)
* "If my dad and Julian and Bubbles hadn't had been out all night getting lap-dances and getting drunk, the whole thing could have been preventative". (prevented)
* "To be honest with you I fucking hate bagmitten. I mean I played it in jail but thats because you can't smoke which is fucked. So to take your mind off the cigarettes you play sports." (badminton)
* "Breaker, Breaker come in earth. This is Rocketship 27, some aliens fucked over the carbinator in engine number four, we are going to try to refuckulate it and land on Juniper". (carburator, repair, Jupiter)
* "That's not a ladybug. That's a cannerpillar. (caterpillar)
* "How to get Buhurbon stains out of Kahayki pants" (Bourbon, Khaki)
* "One man's garbage is another man person's good ungarbage". ("One man's garbage is another man's treasure")
* "Au gratin" (gratis, free; au gratin is with cheese)
* "I surance" (Insurance)
* "Swallow my prize" (pride)
* "Neither here, there, and everywhere" (Neither here nor there)
* "Boys, let's make toast" (Let's toast)
* "There's no lurches in there Bubbles is there?" (leeches)
* "I know what you're doing, Lahey, you're trying to fill my feet." (fill my shoes)
* "You gotta remember, every kid goes through phrases." (phases)
* "What Julian don't grow won't burn him". (know, hurt)
* "Nice decnals!" (decals)
* "I'm sorry to yell at you guys, i'm just fucking stretched out!" (stressed)
* "I don't need your cherry trees." (charity)
* "What if he has radies." (rabies)
* "Supply and command." (demand)
* "What comes around is all around" (What goes around comes around)
* "Do you own space? No. Nay-saw does." (Incorrectly pronounces NASA)
* "Do unto others as you do unto you." (Do unto others as you would have them do unto you)
* "One day I will go somewhere that is hot, like Majaica or the Dromedary Republic" (Jamaica, Dominican Republic)
* "Trinity made a life-ing thing basically out of this chicken. Started with a little eggy thing, and heated it up under these incu-baker things, and it ... it was bornt." (incubator, born)
* "We'll split it 50/50/50"
* (To Trevor and Cory) "Well I'd like for you two to come with us but it's clear to see who makes the pants here." (wears the pants)
* "I hate to have to give you an ultimarium" (ultimatum)
* "It's me or 'Gumby and Pifuckio' (Cory and Trevor)"
* "That's what they are Julian... Raykens.. fuckin' Raykens" (racoons)
* "I'm not working for J-Roc, thats against my vice principles" (principles)
* "Three months, that's pretty good for whores." (in reference to Ray's jail sentence for solicitation of prostitution)
* "What the fuck do them clothes them doin there?" (...are those clothes doing there?)
* "Bubbles, I don't want any rich peopleman's food, I want some fuckin meat that's cooked" (people)
* "It's survival of the fitness, boys" (fittest)
* "If Randy thinks he's smartiner than me, he's wrong." (smarter)
* "You gotta do illegal things once in a while, and then maturinate into a better person." (mature)
* "Your thoughts might be better than mine, but I have thoughts going around in my head too about...different thinkings...about brain things that you can use and...doing different things."
* (To Shitty Bill) "Take a shower for fuck's sake! You look like a hobolo!" (hobo)
* (To Randy) "Fuck off Randy and go get some hypo-suction" (liposuction)
* Credulance
* Ricky: (yelling for Jacob) Fuck-goofs!
* Bubbles: Ricky, do they really respond to "fuck-goofs?"
* Ricky: Yeah.
* Bubbles: *awkward look* Fuck-goofs!
* "Holy shit, you got us a limit-zine?" (Limousine)

~Ricky. of course.

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