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1 Apr 2014

So recently, I refreshed the website here and changed some things around,

and stumbled on this page on the website -

Since the last post many things have happened.

we moved the store

and had a couple of weddings

and have grandbabies (yes, plural) on the way..

and now my son just got himself engaged to a lovely little girl!

And I am grayer, and wrinklier, and thinner, and....


business busy - building an arts and craft EMPIRE

and find that I never have time to think about what is in my head anymore

no clever thoughts

or writings exercises

like I used to do

so so many years ago.

I used to journal every day - and write poems - and create sometimes, pretty good stuff.

now i create every day - but its bead related.

or business related.

and I forgot how much I love to just let the words flow........................

unfiltered, stream of subconsiousness writing.

and how fun it is.

But i am crushed by guilt suddenly.

for there is a class calendar to finish,

and a newsletter to write,

and pictures to take,

and a website to design, (a new website)

and instructions to finish,

and beads to order,

and chairs and tables to build (for the new store)

my mother used to say, "There are never enough hours in the day, or days in the week."

I used to think she was crazy.

summer vacation, and Christmas used to take eons to get here...

~when i was a kid.



it's scary, really scary - how time passes. it does fly by. and it waits for noone to catch up.

Thats' a terrible thing to realize.

when all you want to do is visit your head.

and delight in the quiet.

and the stillness of just


for the hell of it.

But i must go now - and do what I must do -

before all the spinning plates come crashing down....

- remember those guys on the Ed Sullivan Show years ago - who frantically ran around keeping the plates spinning?

Remember when they began to wobble - and how you held your breath! - hoping none of them would fall?


Well, it feels like my "plates" are beginning to wobble right now..

i must away.

and do what I must do..

and leave the fun stuff for another day..



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