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~helping children Record, Tell, and Own their stories of Courage.

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Beads of Courage -

~helping children, RECORD, TELL, and OWN their stories of Courage.


A few weeks ago, a young mom named Stacie came into the store looking for a few beads for her infant son Kellen because he was about to go through another stage of open heart surgery. Kellen was born with a very rare and very serious life-threatening heart condition (hypoplastic left heart syndrome - which translates into literally being born with an underdeveloped half a heart) and has had to undergo numerous surgeries to correct it and give him a chance at a normal life.  Naturally, we got talking about his  "beads of courage" string, where each bead he earned represents all of the milestones of his medical challenges, tests, and procedures. Through CHOP she heard about this inspiring organization called Beads of Courage. (You can visit the official website to find more information at www.beadsofcourage.org.)  


Here at Buttercup, we want to help.  We are looking for donations of beads, people making beads (polymer), and more to help the organization, Kellen, and the other children enrolled in the program. Below is a little snip from an article about the organization. You can also check on young Kellins progress, at www.carepages.com - search for Kellenj1221 and read about his most recent (and successful!) surgery. 


Here is how it works:  "Children who participate in the program receive colored beads that represent milestones, procedures, and acts of bravery. For instance, they get a yellow bead for an overnight hospital stay, a white one for chemotherapy, and a glow-in-the-dark bead for radiation treatment. It's not uncommon for children to amass 10, 20 -- even 35 -- feet of beads. It helps young patients track and celebrate their progress, but it also gives them a way to get through upcoming procedures, says Gwendolyn Possinger, the coordinator of Children's Memorial Hospital's Beads of Courage program in Chicago. "A child facing another needle can look at his beads and realize that he made it through before so he can do it again," she says.


Today the nonprofit organization supports more than 10,000 children in 60 hospitals in the United States, Japan, New Zealand, and Ireland and is funded exclusively by private donations. With the help of participating hospitals, Beads of Courage is also constantly evolving. Baruch and her team have expanded the program to include many conditions and diseases. They also focus on other ways the arts can help families dealing with a serious illness."


Please drop off your bead donations in the store at any time. Once the canister is full, we will ship it off to Beads of Courage for them to use as and where needed.


Thank you to all who joined our First Beads of Courage -

Below are some pics of the evening - Thank you again to all who came out!



Pattern Guidelines
  1. Fat Quarters are great for this project. There will be a small scrap left over. 
  2. Focus Fabric - Cut two 9" x 12" - With RS together sew a ½" seam on both long sides making a tube. Press seams open. 
  3. Lining Fabric - Cut two 9" x 12" - With RS together sew a ½" seam on both long sides making a tube. Press seams open. 
  4. Turn lining right side out and place inside of focus fabric (RS together). 
  5. Line up seams and sew a 1/4" seam around the top of the tube. 
  6. Turn right side out. Press seam towards lining. 
  7. Tuck the lining back inside and press the top seam flat. 
  8. Place tube on the open arm of the sewing machine and sew a seam at 2" from top. When you get to the two seams back tack about 1/4" across the seam. 
  9. Sew another seam 2-3/4" from the top back tacking again at the seams. (This makes the seams stronger for the cording to be pulled through. 
  10. Using a seam ripper, pop the seam between the two back tacks on focus fabric for cording to be pulled through. 
  11. Turn project wrong side out and serge all layers together. 
  12. Turn right side out and press bottom seam. Cut two 26-" pieces of cording .Using a large safety pin fold back about ½" of cording and pin through the folded edge. 
  13. Starting at one seam, thread all the way around the bag. Tie ends of cording together in a knot. Do the same with the other seam.


For a small bag Cut fabric 7" x 10" and proceed the same as above except when stitching the two rows at the top for cording sew first row 1 ½" and the second row at 2 1/4". Be sure to back tack at seams. Cut cording 17" Compliments of Bettie Hammock, Sulphur Springs, Texas

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