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26 Oct 2018    Beading Inspiration Advice

For what it's worth, a little beading advice from yours truly...

3 Jan 2015    on brand spankin new grand-babies and a brand spankin new new year...2015

how could I ever think I wasn't ready...

1 Apr 2014    Forgot about this page too....

has it really been that long since I last had a thought?

15 Feb 2012    starry night

..bet Vincent wished he had this technology in his day.... 

4 Nov 2011    Mother Nature is such a showoff...

I can just hear her whining - "whatever you can do I can do better." 

31 Aug 2011    i can do this.


24 Jun 2011    ..more rickyisms
24 Jun 2011    rickyisms

trailer park boys...how did i ever miss this!? 


24 Jun 2011    buttercup store sign

 say no more, say no more...

21 Oct 2010    melissa/michelle/vanessa/frieda

on tattoo's and naturally curly hair.

5 Oct 2010    on stink bugs

yet another "gift" from China.

5 Oct 2010    dad life

a must see.

30 Sep 2010    the gig is up Karen.

on good memories, and what to do with them.

15 Jul 2010    she blew in like a comet and blinded us with her being.

on Annette Appollo

17 Apr 2010    f. roe

on birthday cards - that come out of the blue.

17 Apr 2010    Water for Elephants

oh, it's the best and worst of times....

17 Apr 2010    i wonder
17 Apr 2010    on filling the primordial void.

for eons and ages, and over the years...and today -  still - it continues...

14 Feb 2010    on cup o'noodles..

better take my rings off now...

27 Dec 2009    forget what you learned in school.

on the phaonmneal pweor of the hmuan mnid...

16 Dec 2009    a blessing

...just a little something from me to you....

8 Nov 2009    It's not big - it's large."

on good friends and old pens found under an opera seat, and of course, Lyle Lovett. (and his Large Band)

8 Nov 2009    on magical nights -

and back doors and famous fiddlers...namely, Stuart Duncan.

11 Sep 2009    09/11/01 + 8

chilly, and windy, and raining

today. 9/11/09

a perfect fitting remembrance - mother nature style...

1 Sep 2009    a new season, a new vacuum.

will little wonders never cease?

28 Aug 2009    On New Lipstick and Distant Memories.

Aldies rocks.  Now they carry lipstick!

21 Aug 2009    on Guilt.

~not just for Catholics anymore...

20 Aug 2009    "I Could Just Live Here!" pg.44

what a kick.  Being featured in a national bead magazine....

20 Aug 2009    no thoughts today...

nope, nada - nothing in my head.

17 Aug 2009    Welcome to my head.

To blog, or not to blog - that is the question...

17 Aug 2009    Thank heavens she wasn't tie-dyed.

You never know what you'll see here at Buttercup...


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