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On small moments and little lifequakes.

Dec 17, 2007

Every so often there are moments in your life that force
you to stand still and breathe deep the wonders of life
that surround you. And every so often you are granted a
little lifequake of a moment to motivate you to move on
toward your next challenge, your next adventure, or your
next dream.

Little moments like - ice forming on a holly berry, or the
sound of a cold winter wind clinking ice covered branches
together - like little crystal glasses of champagne
toasting the new year...or a new winter season.

Or standing awestruck in the quiet light of ancient stars,
twinkling through old winter Orion in a velvet black sky -
so crisp and clear and shivery cold...that suddenly you
realize your place in the Universe, so fleeting, so small,
so precious.

And in the quiet moments that follow - you learned to stop
being fearful and learned to trust your abilities and
gathering your courage to reach for your dreams - and you
hear echos of a wise man once saying, "Tend to living,
while you're at it."

And no matter the worries, or the uncertainties - you know
that you are exactly where you are meant to be, and what
you need to do.

And then how amazed you are to find that in sharing your
dreams with others, they are as excited for you as you are
- and when they reach to join hands to walk the path with
you - well, it's almost too much...

And you are forever humbled and enormously grateful.

To each of you then, my family, my friends (new! and old) -
I thank you.

I thank you for your friendship, your love, your support,
your good wishes, your bright energies, your kindnesses,
your smiles, your enthusiasm, your patronage, and your

I thank you for making Buttercup Beads more than a dream. I
thank you for making Buttercup Beads a reality.

My wish for you this season is a year of quiet moments, a
lifequake or two of your own, and a bead board full of

With love,
the head beading biddy of Buttercup Beads.

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