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A new year, and a new beading resolution. Not.

Jan 9, 2008

Well, will ya look at that.

Another fun-filled holiday under my belt and a brand
spankin New Year to find trouble to get into.

Oh sure, oh sure - I'm gonna be good.

I gonna eat healthy, and exercise more, and lose weight and
give all my money to my kids, and ask my husband for his
money, and love harder, and be nicer, and call my 84 yr old
Dad more, and iron clothes, and clean out the garden, (and
the refrigerator), have great bead soirees, bead fabulous
new stuff, find really wonderful beads and beady related
things to buy and bring to my customes at really great
prices, blog more, and then while no one else is looking -
solve all the world issues, cure cancer, the environment,
and save the world from us (we?) humans.

Yeah, yeah, it's a big ticket and 355, no 4...days is not a
lot of time to do it, I know.... but what the heck.

We all have to shoot for something...

Why not the stars?

So, since time's a wastin already, and my computer is
actually behavin - I thought that I would tell you about
the new fabulous classes that are up and posted, as well as
some really other fun stuff.

Here ye, here ye! Buttercup Beads is having her first bead

What's a bead soiree, you ask? Well, it's just a fun
little excuse to get together and ya know, "talk shop" -
just like the guys do - but unlike the guys - we actually
multi-task and do something productive while having fun and
sharing a few laughs.

So byob and/or snacks to share, your slippers, and your
unfinished project (or start a new one) - and come join the
fun on Saturday, Jan 26 after hours from 5-7(ish) pm...and
sit and bead with new found friends to your beady hearts
content. It's free, and it's fun. In fact, it's a new
year's resolution you'll be happy to keep.

Check the event calendar on the website for details.
www.buttercupbeads.com Please call to reserve your spot
too, as seating is limited. (unless you don't mind sitting
on the floor.)

While you're at it check out the new classes for January -
you'll get 10% off your materials purchases with every
class. Look for earring and stringing 101, peyote & spiral
weave, wire crochet, wire wrap cabochon, wire wrap bangle,
Cellini spiral, Braided bangle, Elegant Ukranian
netting...and who knows, maybe I'll slip in a few others...

that is, of course, if you're good.

Happy New Year. Now let's all bead something.


ps. thank you, everyone, for your continued support,
enthusiasm, and kind wishes. This little venture is turning
into a lot of fun!

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