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Bead Mine, Valentine?

Feb 4, 2008

Hello friends,

I hope that this note finds you all well and happy and that
you all have a bead board filled with sparking new projects
just waiting to be created.

And so another amazing month has passed and a lot has
happened. New and established beaders are managing to find
us every single day, the local paper - The Mercury - wrote
a really great two page article on the shop, complete with
pictures, (which consequently made me dye my hair blond
again) the store's signs were finally installed (we're
official!) and the jewelry making classes got up and
running off with a bang. I am also pleased to announce
that we hosted our very first bead soiree - which kept us
laughing and beading well into the night - even if Melissa
(and you know who you are) never officially got a project
off the ground that night - even though she had very good
intentions. Since the bead soirees are already proving to
be popular, starting March we will be adding an additional
soiree each month. Remember seating is limited, so sign up

Carlie and I are always commenting on how many great
beaders we are getting to meet and want to extend our
sincere thanks to everyone for your bright smiles and
enthusiasm, and of course, patronage. Regardless of the
long hours, I know that I am truly fortunate to be living
my dream, and am so glad that you are able (and willing) to
be part of it.

As you know, one of the goals of the shop is to unite the
beading community and to provide a space where we can all
learn and be inspired by our collective creative talents.
By the looks of things, I'm think we're succeeding. Again,
our thanks, as none of this could happen without you.

We are working hard to expand the stock as well as the
classes, and will continue to look for the unique and
unusual items that will keep your designs exciting and
interesting. Be sure to check the website frequently for
new classes, coupons, soirees, and workshops. February's
online coupon, entitled "Bead Mine, Valentine" offers 10%
off any heart beads in the store while supplies last.
Please also consider a Valentine related class - like
Danni's "Funky Valentine" beaded bead, or Kathleen's
Romantic Pearl knotting class.

We hope to see you soon, until then, happy beading!

~Andrea & Carlie
the beading biddies of Buttercup Beads

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