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Time flies. When you're having fun, that is.

Mar 12, 2008

Yep, time flies when you're having fun - I should know.
Here it is 11:47pm, a Tuesday soon to be a Wednesday, the
second week of March. And I sit here to write you, as
promised, the monthly Buttercup newsletter. So what if it's
a couple...er..12 days late - better late than, well,
never, I say.

But wait, don't feel too sorry for me burning the midnite
oil - I've been having fun - not all this is exactly *hard*
work doncha know. Well, okay, it is a lot of hard work -
but it's not really really "hard work" like say building a
skyscraper or digging a intercontinental canal might
be...or say like raising Karen's alligator puppies, or
children who think they're alligators and bite at your
ankles while you're making the bed kinda thing...

But still it is (now) about 12:11am and I'm still here
writing to you - my friends and buttercuppy loyal customers
- so you probably should feel just a little bit sorry for
me - cause you're all probably home in bed right now, and
won't even read this until sometime tomorrow or next week
or so...

Which is a shame actually - because I do have a few great
date+ups to tell you - and since it's late, I'll keep it
And to the point. So here goes. Pay attention now-

The official Buttercup date+ups:

New photos posted on the Customers Creativity Gallery -
check them out! Keep up the great work everybody!

New beads: Sprucing up the Lampwork - I've been busy at the
torch a few days here and there. Come check out the new
designs. New Seed beads too in Spring Colors, fresh Floral
Mixes, Genuine Turquoise, Coral & Chinese Jade in various
sizes and yummy colors.

New classes posted: Like Clasp Class, Herringbone weave,
Basketweave Bangle, Freeform Peyote, Floral Garden, Galaxy
Cab, PMC meets Mother Nature and more - check the calendar
for details.

Even newer classes posted for April already - so wear a bib
to catch the drool when you check them out. New Soirees
(and speaking of Soirees - haven't they been fun?!!)

And you'll especially like this fun little Easter Treat:

We call it our "Easter Egg Hunt for Discounts!!" - (sorry,
it's the catchy-ish name we could think of) - yep, We're
having the adult version of an Easter Egg Hunt every day
the week before Easter (March 16-22). Come search for
discounts when you check out - find an Easter egg, open it
up and get the discount or prize that's in it! Limit one
easter egg discount per person, per day until Easter.
(Discounts not applied to classes or finished jewelry.)

So hurry and hop on over and fill your Easter Bead Basket
with goodies from Buttercup Beads!

As always, thank you to everyone for your support and
enthusiasm - you make these late nites worth it in ways you
will never know. No, really.

Happy Beading and Come see us soon!

with love,

Andrea & Carlie

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