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On cheese crackers, kids & fathers.

Jun 11, 2008

Hello my fine and busy beaders,

I hope that you are keeping cool and that your bead board is busy. I have a few updates to tell you about, but first a story.

So while I am writing you - I am eating peanut-butter cheese crackers and sipping some Arizona green tea. It's an odd but tasty combination I tell ya, that brings me straight back to some of my fondest summer childhood memories.

Once school let out, our family, Mom, Dad, and my four sisters would head straight to the Jersey shore for the summer - to Brigantine Island - home of some of most glorious soft sandy beaches, and miles of open water, and of course, those famous giant green-head biting flies that were rumored to carry off small animals and the occasional child if, "you aren't good..."

For three months we lived in our bathing suits - all barefoot and sandy, with wind-blown, sun-bleached hair and freckly sun-tanned skin, tasting of sea salt and smelling of the sea air.
Being a family of boaters, we spent more time in the water or on the water - swimming, fishing, or sailing, or riding waves and beachcombing deserted atolls.

But the best mornings were with my Father on the weekends - when we used to sneak out of the house, just he and I - around 6am to go fishing. Instead of stopping to eat breakfast or pack a lunch, we would stop instead at the local bait shop to grab peanut-butter cheese crackers, a few new hooks and maybe some new line, a pound of squid, an assortment of tasty-kakes and a six pack of Yoo-Hoo chocolate drinks. It was our usual breakfast fare and the absolute best way to sit back and start fishing. (What Mom didn't know about, she couldn't yell at us for, right?)

Nobody in the bait shop thought anything odd about it either - the old man behind the counter tugged on his own bottle of icy Coke and chocolate tasty-kakes, all unshaven and greasy, smelling of fish and stale cigarettes and after ringing us up - told us where the Flounder, Blues, and Weakfish were running that morning. We'd gas up the boat, spray ourself with bugspray and be on our way...

Yep, it was the best of times, smelling of bugspray, and gasoline, and squid - eating peanut-butter cheese crackers and warm Yoo-Hoo... The perfect accompanyment to the gently rolling sea, the sun on my face and a cool ocean breeze in my hair. It didn't matter either if we ever caught a fish - it only mattered that we were there - together - in those quiet morning hours, just fishing and eating cheese crackers while the world was still just waking.

Dad is 86 now, and we don't get to fish much together anymore - but we still enjoy sharing a pack of crackers whenever we can. And I know he's always up for a can of Yoo-Hoo or some butterscotch krimpets...

Well, it's not a Yoo-hoo, but it will have to do - (raising my can of Arizona Green tea)- Cheers Dad! and Happy Father's Day to you. Thanks for teaching me how to appreciate the simple pleasures of life. I love you!

The bead updates:

And speaking of simple pleasures, it dawns on me that beading is much the same - sometimes the oddest combinations make the most beautiful pieces. Oh, and the crackers are orange and that reminds me of the most fabulous summer color beads that are(or will be)gracing the store soon. (How's that for a lead in!)

We just got in a really nice assortment of Birgamini Furnace glass beads in all shapes, sizes, and yummy colors. Along with an adjustable bangle bracelet that will accept large holed beads like Lampwork and furnace glass. I've made up some really samples too of what you can do with these great beads, so stop in soon to see them.

We have some great dyed coconut strands and wood pieces that will make the most fantastic summer jewelry, The wood beads make prefect frames and really cool focals. We also have lots of new silver findings - large holes spacers, beads, caps, and toggles.

We are expecting a nice shipment of firepolished glass czech beads in all shapes and sizes - and new floral and leaf mixes too. Look for them sometime next week or so.

We are also happy to announce the beginning of our Busy Beaders - Kids Bead Camp. Starting June 24 - from 10:30 to 12:30 am we will keep your kids busy making great bead projects so that you can get some errands done. The cost is $95. for the week, Tuesday through Friday, or $25. a day - for those finicky beaders - check the website for details.

We are thrilled to have two new teachers joining us in the coming months - Susan Quinque and Dottie Hoeschen. Susan has some great new class projects on the board for July and August and specializes in wire techniques. Dottie may be known to many of you already. She has been published in many bead magazines and does workshops for Bead Fest and other area shows. She does beautiful macrame projects and polymer clay pieces (along with everything else).

They are both extremely talented and come highly recommended from customers who have taken their classes elsewhere. Dottie's classes will be starting in July as well. We feel fortunate to have both of them join our little adventure. Stay tuned for pictures and descriptions of their upcoming classes, or stop in the store to see examples of their work and projects.

June's calendar is posted with some new projects too - be sure to check out the class descriptions page for details. I'll be teaching a fun new seed bracelet called - Fringe Fiesta - it works up quick and is easy and just beautiful. I will also be teaching Square stitch basics to anyone interested. We're having fun with combining wire mesh with boro beads - a great way to use this fantastic medium - works up quick and easy too.
I've also added cute mini peyote rings and stretchy anklets to compliment your manicure and pedicure!

Carol is introducing PMC Stained Glass pendants this month - they are beautiful and combine the best of both worlds. If you haven't tried PMC yet - you should - it is magic. We had our first Kumihimo class last month, and boy was it a hit! A really fun class using fibers and beads. Be sure to check it out. And always, her chain-maille classes are having you all produce the most amazing pieces!

Gina has a new duo of wire wrapped crystal rings - perfect for the season. Her beaded bangle is simple and fun to do too. Gina is a great teacher and does beautiful work.

Susan has developed Boro Bubbles Bangle - a breezy and perfect summer bangle for any outfit, along with a new pearl crochet necklace - her spin on a necklace she saw in Neiman Marcus for $600! It's beautiful and can be yours for under $50. No crochet experience needed. Perfect for weddings or any formal affair that you may have coming up. Her Zero Calorie Donut too -is full of fun without the guilt! Be sure to check out the class page for images and descriptions of all the projects.

And look for our ad in the Courier News Weekly coming out this week - there is a $5.00 coupon just waiting for you.

Remember our free bead soirees are twice a month - and boy have they been fun! The next is June 24 - rsvp to reserve your seats - hurry only two spots left!

To those of you who entered the Beading Star contest - with Interweave - Voting begins tomorrow - June 12! So hurry and see if your projects were picked for publication and a chance at the grand prizes. Check the website for details http://www.beadingdaily.com/beadstar/ and vote for your favorites!

As always, a sincere thank you to each of you. We are so grateful for your continued enthusiasm and interest in our little bead store. We enjoy our new found friends so much! You make all the hard work so worth it.

Happy Father's day to all the dads out there who support the mom's beading addictions. We think you're pretty great too.

with love,
Andrea & Carlie

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