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On the non-existent August Newsletter -

Aug 30, 2008

that got in under the wire.

Aren't you proud of me?

Okay - I was busy.

So shoot me.

Or maybe I forgot.

Or maybe - I went on vacation -

mentally, that is.

(Eh, it happens.)

or maybe - just maybe...

I had nothing to say.

(no, that can't be right..)

Uh-oh. Look out.

I feel some free association thinking (read: writing) coming on.

"She means her Stream of Unconsciousness thinking", says Lisa, to herself.

(Oh yeah, I'm psychic like that.)

(Lisa Applegate - the official Buttercup Sentinel and keeper of my business sense. (Is your husband really going to improve the lighting in this place? - Can I afford him?)

(Maybe not this month, especially after BeadFest.)

Tapping my fingers...So, it's 1:44 am - and the September Class Calendar is finally....yay!...done.

(The natives were getting restless, after all.)

Be sure to check it out. We got some great new September classes coming up - Viking knit, Elegant Evening, Parallel Weave, Peacock Feathers, Donut Delight...

Lisa says: "I love these newsletters - Odd though - they rarely have anything to do with beads."

To those of you who know what we're all about - it doesn't surprise you, right?

And those of you who don't know what we're all about - well - spend a little more time here - we're transparent - and we're genuinely genuine. A bit crazy, but genuine nonetheless.

Sigh...I spent way too much money buying new things for the store this month. I'm happy, so will you be too - But I'm still nauseous - does anyone have some Pepto- bismal?

But don't think I'm going to tell you what I got here.

I'm saving that info for the September newsletter. (evil smile.)

If you can't wait - then you'll just have to come in and see what's new and sparkly - to go with all the new and sparkly stuff you all got at Bead Fest too -

I think I saw all my Buttercup Beaders there. And you know who you are. And I know, that you know, that I know - who you are.

I wonder if we got the same things?

And no Lisa - the seed beads are still not in yet - but I'm working on it - really I am. It's a huge job - expanding colors and sizes and shapes. And Carlie is really not going to like filling all those dang tubes...

I will tell you though - that we have some really cool things coming up. September soirees will be important as well as fun -and all pink. You heard that right folks -


As in let's get ready for The Beaded Warrior Project. Go ahead, rummage through your beads girls - and pick out all your pink and white and pretty breast cancer awareness colors - and come donate your time, your creativity, and your materials for a worthy cause.

It was a huge hit with Main Line Bead Society last year - and it's important. I think we all know someone who has been affected by this disease. Let's hold hands then and support them - even if it is anonimously(how the heck do you spell that word? Lisa - look it up.) (And you know she will.) even if it is with shiny, pretty, little, things.

The word - beads, after all - means "little prayers". Did you know that? Is it a wonder then - that we find beading so soothing, so therapeautic? And isn't it a wonder that little beads brought us all together? That still is amazing to me.

Small kindnesses. Small wonders.

How huge is that?

As always - thank you to everyone for your continued support
and enthusiasm on making Buttercup Beads - the best little bead store this side of the Mississippi.

hope to see you all soon -
you may go back to your beading now...


andrea & carlie

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