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Meet Andrea's alter ego: Aunt Babby.

Sep 19, 2008

So recently a customer wrote, "Dear Babby - How can I tell if my bead hobby is out of control?"

Dear Worried Beader,

Aunt Babby is really glad you asked that question; and has prepared a little quiz below to help you find the answer. No need for fancy paper, pencil, ruler, or graphing calculator - just answer each question openly and honestly in the privacy of your own little fuzzy head.

~Welcome to Aunt Babby's~
~How to Tell if Your Bead Hobby is Out of Control Quiz ~

1. Do you or have you ever had to eat next to the dog or cat bowl on the kitchen floor because bead projects are/were covering your kitchen table?

1a. dining room table?

1b. counter tops?

1c. end tables?

1d. coffee table?

1e. lap?

2. Do you, or have you - ever hidden bags of "stash" overnight in the trunk of your car, under your coat, or in your large handbag - just so that you could sneak them in when no one watching?

3. Have you, or your partner, ever rolled over onto bent nose pliers or a crimping tool while sleeping in bed?

4. Have you recently thought about beading your plastic shower curtain? (even if it is moldy)?

5. Have you, in fact, beaded any shower curtain in the past 6 months?

6. Do you think your pet needs another bead embellished collar?

6a. Even if your pet is an iguana, or a tropical fish?

7. Have you ever thought about beading your spouses pajamas?

7a. Even though he is still sleeping in them?

8. Do you read your bead magazines at inappropriate times? (Think: board meetings, church services, during childbirth, or while piloting a car at 70mph?)

9. Do your children still not like peas even though you spiral stitched a green pea necklace for them?

10. Does your husband or children know the term "Ndebele" ... and can also use it in a sentence?

11. Has your cat ever coughed up a seed bead and Fireline hairball?

12. Do you get a blank expression and get all goosebumply when someone mentions the words....Bead Fest?

If you answered yes to any one - or any part - of the above questions - Aunt Babby and Baby Babby (nee: Carlie)think you should RUN - not walk - immediately to Buttercup Beads. We understand you and don't think your hobby is in any way out of control. In fact, we celebrate your addiction - heck - we'll even turn you onto some harder stuff.

We think you're fine. Dandy even. Just the way you are.

We'll take the shame out of beading and jewelry making addictions by putting you in touch with others just like you. We promise to expose you to even greater creative freedoms through our classes and beading events, and help you nurture - not hide - your creative expressions through the art of jewelry making.

And we'll do it with candy.

And laughter,

Lots of laughter.

(Sorry folks, I couldn't keep her bottled up any longer.)


Okay - now for a timely September Buttercup newsletter:

Why? Because the night is young (11:56pm), and good heavens! it's already September 19th. And Neil Young is playing on the stereo...Harvest Moon...how appropriate. (Wasn't that moon beautiful?)

Anyway - just wanted to let you all know that Carlie and I have made big headway on the most ridiculously large and recent seed bead order (Thank you Lisa - for helping out!) and we should have them mostly labeled and out by next week. Most recent count is something like 180 pounds of seed beads roughly equals some three thousand new tubes....

This was a huge order folks - as big as when I first opened the stop. Besides all new 11, 8, 6, and 3/0's, there will also be new bead soup mixes; and I am also happy to announce that we've expanded the seed bead category to now include size 15/o's - You know which ones, those mini, tiny, microscopic beads that come already equipped with an electron microscope...Still, they are beautiful and will add a whole new dimension (in microville) to your seed weaving projects. Actually, I experimented doing a little peyote with them, and they are really not that hard to work with. They will certainly make the most fantastic picot edging....

Besides the seed beads, we added new strands of czech beads, and lots of cool stuff from my trip to the netherworld of beading - Bead Fest. The Swarovski crystals are to die for, ("I die." ~Rachel Zoe.) And I must agree with customers who say we have the best and widest selection of silver components anywhere - (I'm sorry, I can't help myself when it comes to silver. And given the recent stock market shenanigans - it might actually come in useful if Wall street crashes...) (Not funny.)

We have some new classes up and posted - Jo Qualia has done a fantastic job of restructuring Viking Knit - leave it to an engineer to figure out a more rational way of starting it. Viking knit is a hand woven wire project that makes the most beautiful bracelet. It is back on the schedule again for October. Carol Lepage as added a new Chain maille class - Parallel Weave, and Dottie Hoeschen's macrame classes are a beautiful way to get into the fiber arts. I've added a really pretty pearl and crystal necklace - just perfect for the holidays - called Elegant Evening. It's stunning and easy to do.

Sue Quinque's fantastic wire projects - Boro Cha-Cha and Pearl Swirl are on for next week. And look to October's schedule for other new projects - Sue Q's Kuchi pendant and Susan Koye's new Arabesque Wire Jig class, a new polymer clay basic class, as well as some new seed weave projects by yours truly. Check out the website for pictures and descriptions. And the calendar page frequently for dates and times. (As always, still a work in progress.)

Remember too that next tuesday, Sept 23, 6-8ish pm - is another PINK soiree - dedicated to making breast cancer awareness jewelry for The Beaded Warrior Project - there are still a couple three seats available - call to save your spot now. If you can't make the soiree - donations of finished pink and white jewelry, or bead and finding donations are greatly appreciated and can be dropped off at any time.

Any left over beads will be taken to the Main Line Bead Society Meeting on October 6 to be used at that jewelry making event. Mid October they will all be given out to women undergoing chemo treatments to area treatment centers as gifts of our love and support. It was a huge hit last year, and we are grateful to be able to help support in some small way.

Save the date: I'll be hosting another free Lampworking demonstration on Saturday, October 18 for those of you who missed it this summer. If we have time, and you have the courage - you too may sit and play at the torch for a bit!

Okay, that's all for now - Look for a secret new seed bead coupon on the website...you'll be glad you did.

To all of you - I hope that your summer was wonderful, and this new glorious season even more fantastic. Thank you for your continued support. How wonderful it is that our paths have crossed?

Our love,
Aunt Babby, and Baby Babby.

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