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So the world just got smaller.

Sep 25, 2008

Hey all - I just stumbled onto this little goodie and thought I would pass it on to you.

There is a brand new "space" in town, and it's perfect for us beading biddies - kinda like "facebook", or "Myspace" page...

but wait - get this - it's just for ...........beaders. Yay!

(drum roll:) ta-da!! - presenting: Bead-Space.com

That's - www.bead-space.com

check it out - sign up - it's free! It's filled with lots of great options - there are profiles, and blogs, galleries, forums, anything your beady little heart might desire -

and best of all - it's free.. and it is easy to do -

a great place online to show you work, chat online, get tips, projects, advice, meet new friends...you know all that space age geeky stuff that we all have come to love.

I already signed up, and added the bead store to the listings - it's still in beta testing and so you can be the charter secret members who start the community...

go ahead - check it out - I think you will really like it.

why should the kids get all the fun?

~there. now don't say I never send youse people anyting.

the head beading biddy of buttercup beads.

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