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On Mr. Squirrel and a Season of Color.

Oct 11, 2008

I love this time of year.

So "our little friend, Mr. Squirrel", as Carlie likes to call him, has been very busy for weeks now hiding the seeds from a black walnut tree under every rose bush and boxwood around the store. Sometimes he's running, sometimes he's walking, and sometimes - he takes a moment just to stop and look into the windows - just to see what's going on in here.

When he runs past, you can see his mouth clamped down on the huge nut - a black walnut almost the size of his head. He works tirelessly and with purpose, choosing the perfect spot to bury his winter treasures. I wonder if he will ever be able to remember where he buried them all...

I wonder if, in the Spring, I will suddenly have a new garden of black walnut trees...

So today, in my own hurried travels, I almost ran him over with the car.

Wait, wait! I said *almost*.

It's a good thing he stopped short first though, if you get my meaning....so short,in fact, that he dropped his nuts all over the road...

And when he looked up at me annoyed, (I swear.) I nervously smiled back at him, and then waved him on.

He slowly gathered his nuts up and then continued across the road and up the brick wall and into the garden - once again on his sacred mission to find the perfect hiding spot. He dismissed me, instantly and totally, as just another human getting in the way of his hurried progress. Talk about feeling small. (Next time watch where you scamper you fuzzy little freak!)

While watching him digging and testing the soil though, he reminded me how much Autumn is really a season of preparations. There are major holidays to ready for as well as the long cold winter. There are soups and stews to be made, gifts to be wrapped, and decorations to be hung. There are celebrations to attend, and new memories just waiting to be made around the next corner.

The trees too, have noticed the shorter, cooler, days, and have suddenly shifted into their own glorious wardrobes of color. The cornfields are weathered and yellowed, the grasses are as green as they ever can be, the sky is as blue and clear as cool waters, and the crysanthamums and pumpkins are bursting with their own riot of colors and ripeness.

Mother Nature, is the ultimate artist - changing palates and canvases with each new season. Besides colors - textures and patterns are emerging everywhere. Autumn, like Spring, is so inspiring. Take time to stop and look until you really see - all that is around you. Use it to inspire your creativity.

Mother Nature never worries that her Autumn leaves or fields of wildflowers are "too busy" or don't quite match. She embraces color and texture and size and shapes in everything, and in every way. So then, should you.

It's a perfect time to take notes, gather samples, take some photos, and start a creativity journal. Most of all - takes risks in your jewelry design. Go ahead, put the plaids with the florals, the unexpected with the expected - isn't that why we love scarecrows? Take risks in your jewelry design, as well as your life. Have you ever seen an ugly sunset? Or a boring sunrise? Notice the unusual in the usual, the extraordinary in the ordinary. Above all, notice and welcome the unexpected delights.



Now for a few brief, but beady, date=ups.

A huge heartfelt THANK YOU to all who donated beads and/or finished items to MLBS The Beaded Warrior Project for Breast Cancer. Our little store donated just over 50 finished beautiful pieces to the cause. The members of Main Line Bead Society were really impressed by our contributions! Overall, we had another very successful year, the total numbers have yet to be tallied - but I can assure you that the items will be well received by the patients. We will be donating all of the jewelry to area treatment centers to women who are undergoing chemotherapy. Any beads that were donated, were also used by the other members of the society to make more jewelry at the last meeting too. Your generous donations of time and materials, as well as your creative energies and prayers is so appreciated.

Thank you again. and again. and...


Remember - October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month - LADIES get your breasts checked!

~~~~~Have you had your Mammogram this year?

Fact: One in eight women will come down with breast cancer.

Don't take chances - caught early - Breast Cancer is very treatable and the prognosis usually excellent. (*)(*)


The seed beads are out *and* labeled - finally. Sheeze, was that a big job! - thank you for your help (Lisa) as well as your patience. In addition to all the usual rounds, the new size 15/0's are a wonderful addition to most any project.

With the new seed beads we were also hard at work making up new Bead Soup mixes - with really yummy names like Autumn Embers, and Enchant Forest, and Merlot & Candlelight, Kiwi Pomegranate, and Stardust and Starry Night, Peaches & Cream, Hydrangea, and Fruit Sorbet, and many more -

Take advantage of the website seed bead coupon all month too! Get 10% off any seed beads purchases until the end of the month.

Now is the time to consider taking some new classes - a perfect and economical way to make your holiday shopping easy and affordable. Give the gift of love - with a handmade piece of jewelry.

We've added beautiful new classes, like Ellen's Squiggles & Wiggles and Inspirational Stamping, Susan's Arabesque - wire jig bracelet, my crystal & pearl - Elegant Evening and Square Stitch-a-rama & Beady-Eyed Beauty (with pictures!), and Gina's Ear Wire Making - a quick study on how to make your own ear wires in various shapes and sizes. Check the website Classes page and calendar for details, dates & times.

Here's some other fun stuff to remember:

Mark your calendar for another Lampworking Demonstration on October 18th - 12 noon and 3pm. Come see how glass beads are made! If you're brave enough you might even want to try your hand at it too.

October 24th free workshops - Beaded Snowflakes - perfect for the holiday decorations, or as a gift - the instructions are free - the kit is only $15 for a set of three snowflakes, beads included. 1-3pm & 6-8pm. They make great winter suncatchers too!
rsvp, asap to save your seat.

October 30th is my son's birthday - and to celebrate - *you* get 15% off your purchases all day!

October 31 - Halloween - if you don't have trick or treaters at home - come keep us company, do a little beading, and make some "Eye Candy" - and get some free candy too.

Okay, the date=ups are now officially updated. And my eyes are blurry from accidently rubbing mascara into them.

and boy are they stinging now too...

there is probably more to say - but I can remember -

So, I'm going home now.

Here's the cliff notes version:
Enjoy this beautiful season, gather inspiration, keep creating, take a class, buy some beads, make some gifts, come and see us, clip the coupons, take some creative risks, bother Carlie with a stupid question, start a journal, indulge your creative side, bring a friend, share the fun, surprise a loved one, recycle, recycle some more, VOTE, buy some apple cider, carve a pumpkin, help a friend, get a mammogram - And - above all - BEAD!!

And thank you again to each and every one of you - for your continued support and friendship. We truly and sincerely appreciate it. "You don't even know!..."

Andrea & Carlie

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