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On Bead Dreams and Birthdays.

Nov 7, 2008

So, this time last year I was nearly swallowed by beads.

Did you read that right? Not – that *I* nearly swallowed beads, but that *I- was-* nearly, bodily, wholly, swallowed by beads.

Yes, beads.

As in the news headlines: “Limerick woman found dead under a pile of beads. Search team still looking for husband and children. Cats found alive; but annoyed and looking for food.”

Now do you get the picture?

“Hmmm…Death by beads…,” I can already hear some of you thinking: “That sounds dreamy - not such a bad way to go…” but believe me, in reality it was somewhat scary, and not nearly as glamorous as you might think.

This time, last year - beads were everywhere and in every room of our home.

There were stone beads, and Czech beads, porcelain beads and wood beads, pearl beads and floral beads, silver beads, and of course, all of the bead findings. And if it wasn’t just bead beads, it was something to do with beads. bags for beads, boxes for beads, bead boards, bead mats, bead tools, and bead shelving; bead signs, bead labels, bead bills, loose beads, strung beads, and even a few broken beads. We had bead books, bead magazines, bead counters, and beading supplies. We had bead displays, bead cabinets, bead trays, beaded candles, beaded lamps, and even a beaded chandelier.

And did you know that we also had an ocean of seed beads? Oh yes - we did, and in every shape, size, and color too. And let’s not forget having enough empty bead containers to drain Lake Michigan…

We had bead people calling us, and even bead people coming to help us - with the beads. We once had a bead delivery that nearly covered the driveway. We had beads in the rugs, beads down our bra, in our food, our hair, and our slippers. We began to not talk nicely about the beads…

The cats, however, liked the beads. Sometimes they liked them too much. They ate them, and swatted them, and hid them under the sofa when we weren’t looking. They ran away with the balls of thread, while we were trying to string the beads. They undid bead progress whenever and wherever they could.

When we weren’t sorting or tagging or pricing the beads, we were naturally at the bead store getting ready - for the beads. We renovated, and hammered and trimmed, and painted and cleaned and built shelving. We decorated and hung slat board, and laid new flooring. We worried about the beads.

All along we thought about the bead risks, and the huge bead debt, the bead times, and the “what’s beading?” economy –we had many a sleepless bead night, and tons of nervous bead anxiety.
But still, we held fast and advertised all about our little bead dream.

Then one day, late in November, we opened our little bead doors and waited patiently but, nervously -

Just for you.

And to our delight - you actually came!

You actually came in to buy the dang beads!

But you didn’t come empty-handed. Besides your wallet - you came bearing gifts: Generous gifts of enthusiasm and light, inspiration and trust, friendships and loyalties. You gifted us with genuine smiles, tons of laughs, warm embraces and even a “happy little bead dance” or two.

But you did even more. You dissolved our fears and eased our anxieties. You shared in our vision – and actually made our dream come true.

For that, and for everything else, we thank you - and thank you again, for all that you’ve given us.

Happy First Anniversary everyone! We seriously couldn't do it without you!

With enormous gratitude,

~Andrea & Carlie
Here then, are the Buttercup Bead updates for November.

It’s official – Buttercup Beads is now one year old! To celebrate – we’re giving 20% off all purchases on Sunday November 30th. Come in for some bargains and a slice of cake too!

Egad! The holidays are just around the corner now – Instead of fighting the traffic and the lines at the Mall this year – why not consider relaxing in your slippers here at the store while making your holiday gifts. We have tons of new ideas and classes in store to help make your holiday gift giving easy! –

We have really cute crystal snowmen and Christmas tree earring kits available, a fresh selection of beautiful Czech fire polished crystals in 3, 4, and 6mm sizes, trays and trays of new seed beads, and a wonderful selection of beautiful Face cabs, just waiting to be stitched around. Wait until you see these!

New classes are posted yet again. (Amazing how that happens.) The new seed weaving classes are – Making Waves, and Russian spiral – Russian Spiral is so beautiful and super easy to do! We’re exploring Right Angle Weave this month too – with projects like Simply Elegant bracelet and Elegant Evening crystal and pearl necklace– trust me they’re different classes , but both so elegant – and fun to do.

But wait – we’re not done yet - Dr. Christopher Johnson has found time to fit us into his busy schedule this month with a beautiful project called “Victorian Lace,” be sure to check it out! It’s a perfect gift to make for the holidays. Most of you already know him as the “Beading Surgeon,” when he’s not stitching people up – he’s finding time to sew beads together – I wonder if he’s ever gotten creative stitching people back together…on second thought, “I don’t even want to know…”

We’re getting into holiday mode by gearing up with a couple of special workshops too this month –“Cinderella’s Ball” - learn how to do a beautiful Beaded Christmas ball and our free beaded snowflakes workshop – both beautiful and easy to do. Check the dates and times on the web calendar. The instructions for the Beaded Snowflake are free – the kit is just $15. & makes three snowflakes!

Ellen is doing another Silver Fusing class on the 15th - Hurry only one or two seats left. Carol is doing Basic PMC and parallel weave chainmaille. Susan Koye has a new wire jig class “Arabesque” and is doing the wrapped cab, and coiled bangle again. Jo is doing Viking Knit weave – so pretty! Check out the class schedule for details. Gina is still out for the count with a broken foot – so her classes will be rescheduled hopefully next month – She has a pretty wire Holiday Earring class to teach you hopefully for December! All would make perfect gifts – amaze your family and friends!

Our next bead soiree is Thursday, Nov 20th – rsvp, asap – a great time to get some gifts made.

We will close early on Nov. 26 at 3pm so that we can get our holiday cooking done too. The store will naturally be closed on Thanksgiving Day so that we can spend time with our families.

If we don’t see you – we wish you every blessing for a Happy Thanksgiving. Enjoy the family, the kids, and even the cranky uncle. Remember to enjoy the unexpected delights. They are many; we just need to pay attention.

Thank you to all of you for your continued support – we so appreciate it!

Happy Beading –

Andrea & Carlie

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