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On small discoveries and a new bead color palate.

Mar 5, 2009

I love this time of year - when one season melts into the next... day after day, while driving to work, or taking the occasional walk, I look for the first small signs of Spring.

Last week I began to notice just the faintest few beginnings. Here and there the trees are slowly, but surely, beginning to wake from their long winter slumber with that ever so slight burgandy blush of new growth along the very tips of their branches...and down along the ground, I found anemic looking grass shoots just beginning to push their way through the dirt, safely protected under last autumn's leaves, searching for the elusive end winter sunbeam that had gently, and persistently, teased them to wake. The days are beginning to lengthen, and the afternoon sun is beginning, to once again, flood the store's workspace...

Small discoveries like those inspired me to join the Spring welcoming with bright new bead projects in warm spring colors. Sunny yellows, and grass greens, dogwood pinks and lilac lavenders, sky blues and hyacinth purples brighten my mood by knowing that the gentle season is really, truely, just around the corner. In preparation, Carlie and I made new bead soup mixes called Pink Lemonade, Hydrangea, and Day at the Beach..

Something as simple as changing my bead color palate to a few fresh new colors recharged my creativity as well as my mood. The mixes developed into pretty new woven floral cuffs, new wire crochet colors, and a couple of fresh-from-Ireland Beaded Braid Bracelets. More than a few new half finished projects are waiting their turn to be finished.

Like the tender grass shoot searching for sunlight, and the budding branches enduring a last winter frost, so too is it time to challenge yourself in small and surprising ways. Try working outside of your color comfort zone, or take a class to learn a new technique, also consider joining in on a collaborative project, or an evening out to bead with friends.

Embrace this season of new beginnings with one of your own.
As with the small delicate surprises of Spring, so too will you be able to nurture your creative possibilites and grow your talents in new directions.

Happy Spring - Happy Beading!



Here's what is new and happening at the store this month:

Buttercup Bead Challenges:
We're starting a new tradition this month! This month begins the first in a series of community bead challenges. Bead Challenges are designed to help keep you on your toes and keep your creativity flowing. Every month Carlie and I will mix a small bag of "mystery beads" that you then take home and create something using a technique of your choosing.

The only rules are that you must use 75-80% of your bead packet in your design, but may also add additional beads and findings of any color and size from your own stash. Return your projects to the store within two weeks, where they will then be explored for best use of materials and creativity. Prizes will be awarded for the top three entries and all submissions will be posted online on our new Bead Challenge Page. It's a fun way to see how evil beading minds work! Join today!

March features a Green Bead Challenge in honor of St. Patrick's day. Kits cost $5.00 and can be picked up in the store. Deadline for judging is March 17. Hurry there are only a few kits left! Call or stop in to get yours today.

Calling all willing beaders! join us for The Buttercup Bead Project:

We want to do a collaborative bead project and want to know who might be interesting in joining us. If so, please join us at our next bead soiree this month - Wednesday March 18 from 6-8pm - so that we can decide on the project and discuss the details. I am also looking for a few volunteers to help run the project - ya know, like to help keeping us pointed in the right direction with the details and keeping track of things.. We invite your input! We're thinking along the lines of a beaded wall hanging, or a patchwork bead quilt perhaps? To be auctioned or donated to a charity event? Yes? No? We want to hear your thoughts.

New and featured classes:
We've added something like seven - count'em seven! - new class projects this month, and boy are they pretty!

Jayne Stilley has us growing a beautiful garden necklace using pretty Lucite flower beads and wire crochet technique - Her new class is called Spring Bouquet and is on the schedule for Saturday, March 28. There a just a couple of seats left - so if you're interested - don't delay!

Dr. Chris Johnson has us thinking outside the box - by teaching us how to take an ordinary looking bud vase - beading it - and turning it into something fun, as well as functional. Look for his Peyote Embellished Vase on Sunday, March 29th.

Gina Struebel has a brand new wire formed bracelet scheduled for the Saturday the 14th. And the really pretty wire chandelier earrings called Victorian Earrings. Both beautiful!

I've added three new seed weave projects - the stunning Juliet bracelet, The Beaded Braid, and Pinwheel Peyote. They will run thoughout the month, so check the calendar for dates and times. You will love all of these new classes.

New bead items:
As always, we get new additions to our czech beads and stone beads, seed beads, and findings most every week. Be sure to check out the new floral lucite beads! Perfect for Easter and spring events.

Oh, and you know we love you guys, right? We thank you for your continued and generous support so that we may keep a roof over our beady little heads. We hope to see you soon - until then - may your bead board be filled with unexpected delights!

~Andrea & Carlie

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