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On Theoretical Bead Physics.

May 26, 2009

Hello my fine Buttercup Beaders.

I hope this note finds you well, your bead board messy, and your head crammed with all sorts of new beady ideas.

It’s hard to believe that yet another beautiful flowering month is almost gone, and summer is now at our fingertips. My mother used to say, “Andrea, there aren’t enough hours in the day or days in the week to get what needs to be done anymore…” As a kid, I never understood why she said that - for then, school days had way too many hours, the school year was never-ending, and it felt like Christmas would never come, and summer vacations would never start.

These days though, it’s scary - weeks go by in days, and I swear the seasons change every two weeks, and I'm pretty sure Christmas is next Tuesday. When I complain to my Dad, now 87, about the shortage of time - He just laughs, and says, “Oh Yeah? That’s nothing - just wait till you get to be my age - then the years go by in fives…” That’s a statement that is both a little horrifying and a lot sad, and if he's right - then sometime next week I’ll be saying that same thing to my own children…

I don’t know about you - but the older I get and the busier I become - I’m much more aware of the time warp continuum, and I must tell you - it’s a bit irritating. I suppose it has something to do with the Doppler Particle Wave Dualism Shift Effect - according to Planck’s theory of duplicate universes. That’s just a guess, and I could be wrong, but I don't think so...


It is possible, however, that at any given time the symmetrical warpfield and the asymmetrical warpfield are governed by the warp nacelles and coils, and so a subspace Soliton wave could be the cause - because the artifical quantum singularity forces cause a shift on the subspace resonator and the Iconian portals; thereby resulting in Cytherian subspace folding along the Quantum slipstream drive. And *that* would certainly explain things....

Now, you might think that the Verterons warp particles along with the static warp field would counterbalance the subspace shockwave and avoid a subspace rift or rupture. But in actuality - the subspace vacuole is the culprit, and produces velocities along the same frequency, thereby negating the cumulative effect. It all sounds like Voodoo Magic - mumbo jumbo, I know, I know...

Remember that it is also possible that once we factor in Q and the Principle of Equivalence, there is also a slight matter/antimatter shift that can also make us perceive time is traveling faster than it really is. Especially since the subspace submersion transwarp time warp is palpable. I mean really, doesn’t it feel like it was just yesterday that we were taking down the holiday decorations?

Ah, time dilation, causality paradox, curved space, speed of light, black holes…it all makes sense now, eh? No?? Ah well, at least Jo Quaglia knows what I’m talking about…(and to think that I didn't even have to touch the Second Law of Thermodynamics!)

In any case, what I really need, is to find me a Bajoran Wormhole - and fast! At least that would give me an extra three minutes or so to get this dang newsletter off to you. Providing, of course, that this stinking so called “improvement” of Windows - called Vista - won’t crash on me again tonight. That, and also providing that my train of thought keeps chugging away on the same rail for the allotted time - if you get my meaning...

Because surely, there is always the possibility of getting distracted by some …uh…some…sparkly…

“Oooh! Carlie, aren’t these new beads really pretty!” “Ooh, and look at those…”


But they are new, and they are pretty. Not my fault.

Okay, so here goes…

Seriously, lots of new stuff and new events to tell you about:

First - Congratulations to my beautiful daughter Dana - who graduated with her Masters of Fine Arts (Acting) this past week from The New School in NYC - She’s finally on her way! We are so proud of you Dana! We know that someday we’ll be able to say - “We knew you when…” Now break a leg daughter - and go get em! Save us a front row seat…

Congrats too - to my son Buddy - for completing another successful semester at college - and making Dean's list once again! Go Buddy!

The New bead stuff:
~Beads, Beads, Beads, Wire & Focals...
Yep, we have lots of new and distractingly pretty things in the store for you. Pretty new sparkly beads of all kinds, new seed beads and drops, new furnace glass pieces, new focals, new pearls, new colored Parawire, new Boro pieces by Crazy Joe, and brand new to the store - uniquely etched Riverstone pendants picked off the shores of Lake Michigan. New silver findings too, and new lampwork beads, new storage solutions and even a new look for the store too. We cleaned, and planted, and rearranged, and redisplayed, and hung cool dangly things…Hurry on in to check it all out.

The New Happenings:
~Hold the Presses!~
***Bead Unique Magazine*** wants to showcase us!
We are very proud, excited, and happy to report that your little bead store - Buttercup Beads - will be nationally featured in the next issue (Fall 09) of Bead Unique magazine!! The store will be showcased in their regularly feature article, “I Could Just Live Here!”

If the travel Gods comply - Editor Pamela Hawkins and her staff are currently trying to arrange itineraries to come visit us in person sometime in early summer. They seemed eager to get to know us and very impressed by all of your work in the creativity gallery. Stay tuned for updates - and check out the new summer issue on the stands now - it’s one of my favorite beading magazines and is filled with great summer inspirations.

~We’re on Facebook now!
Buttercup Beads is now on Facebook, thanks to our very own Gina Struebel. If you have an account, be sure to add us as your friends so that you can get daily updates on what is going on in the store. Gina has been gracious enough to keep it updated for us on a regular basis - mostly because of the time warp continuum thing I go going on here…
Not to mention that I still don’t know how to work it yet…heck - I can’t even find my password for the dang place! But Gina is a Facebook pro - and will keep us all posted. She does a fantastic job of it too! Thanks Gina! Go to www.facebook.com and search for “Buttercup Beads” after logging in. If you don’t have an account yet - sign up - it’s free!

~Happy Birthday - to you!!
We’re starting a new Buttercup tradition this year. In addition to our “Just face it - you’re hopelessly addicted cards” (aka frequent buyer cards) - we want to celebrate you in another way too - by giving you a FREE jewelry making class as our little birthday present to you - Once a year, every year. To redeem, just print out the birthday coupon on the website and bring it in during your birthday month to sign up and take a free class with Andrea. One birthday per person, per year. Birthdays (and the free classes) are non-transferable doncha know.

The New Events:
~ Lampworking Demo: May 30 & 31. (1 & 3 pm)
Remember to mark you calendar for my free lampworking demonstrations this weekend, May 30 and 31. Once again, I’ll show you how glass beads are made by melting glass cane over a freekin hot torch. Demo times are the same for both days - 1 pm and then again at 3 pm. If you’re brave enough - you might want to try your hand at it. 10% off my lampwork beads too!

~“Labors of Love: The Collaborative Bead Project” by the Buttercup Beaders
Please join us to be part of our very first collaborative bead project for charity! We are eagerly looking for individuals who would be interested in helping us complete a beaded patchwork wall hanging. When completed, it will be donated for auction to a charity organization to help them raise money for their cause.

For those who need it: Free peyote stitch lessons will be given at the bead soirees and by private instruction till the end of June if you need them. Just call the store to sign up. Volunteer teachers welcome too!

For uniformity, each piece submitted needs to measure 3" x 3" square and completed in "even count" flat peyote, using size 8/0 Japanese seed beads. We welcome multiple submissions. You may incorporate a creative design into the patch itself, or use embellishments that are unique to you.

The deadline for submission is June 30, 2009.

Contact Lisa Applegate at creativexpressions2008@yahoo.com, Visit the website, or call the store for more information. Thank you Lisa, for heading up this great project for us. We know it will be a real winner.

~The April/May Bead Challenge Report:
Well, once again, you all did a fantastic job on getting creative with the mystery bead packets from April. We had over dozen participants and let me tell you - the creations were absolutely fabulous! I am so proud of all of you! Projects were submitted May 15th and voting was closed on May 26. Votes were cast based on creativity, use of beads, technique, design, originality and construction. Gift certificates are awarded to the winning submissions:

~$20. First place: Lisa Applegate, for her beautiful “Wild Berries” bracelet & earring set.

~$15. Second place: Marina Duskin, for her wonderful “The Birds & The Beads” creation - fun and unique!

~$10. Third place: Karen Lewandowski took third for her “Pocket full of Spring” entry - a beautiful beaded clutch handbag - constructed entirely from scratch - how original!

~$5. Fourth Place: Melissa Yovanov, for her flirty and beautiful multiple strand lariat necklace called ‘Gypsy Girl.” So Pretty!

Congratulation to all the winners and everyone else who participated! Your store gift certificates are waiting for you in the store! Be sure to check out all the pictures on the website. Thank you to everyone who participated! The next mystery beads will be available June 17 for July 17 deadline. The number of packets are limited - so call to reserve yours today!

~June Bead Soirees:
Every month, we have two free beading nights here at Buttercup Beads, and this month is no exception. Mark you calendars for Wednesday, June 3, and Thursday, June 25, from 6-8ish pm. All this month - Free peyote lessons will be available to those who want to participate in our first Collaborative Bead Project - “Labors of Love”. BYOB, Order in food, or bring a snack or drink to share with the group. Seating is limited so please call to save a seat 484-524-8231. They’re fun - and they’re free!

~ New classes posted!
Every month we try hard to bring you a new project or a new technique, and this month again is no exception. Please check the website calendar “New Classes Page” to see what’s new and happening. The website calendar is always available and updated frequently. Most of the June calendar is updated - but I still have a few more spaces to fill and might just throw something else in new…

The seed projects:
I’m personally teaching four new seed weave projects this month:

~“Twists & Turns” - June 4th & June 26th - a gracefully meandering Ndebele stitch that will really add sparkle to your next beaded focal project.

~ “Renaissance Beads” - June 10th & June 30th - are really beautiful beaded beads that, once you get the hang of it - works up super fast. Extremely adaptable, as well as versatile. Use them as charms, focals, and earring sets..

~ “Bead Tapestry” - June 21st & June 26th - is finally on the schedule - a great new floral weave for the summer months. A little puzzling, a little challenging - but so worth the effort. We couldn’t put this one down…

~Cobblestone Path - June 9th is proving to be a fun stitch to play around with - especially in the new two tone Magatama drops we just got in. It’s all nubbly and bubbly - and a perfect cuff for the summer.

A new one from Danni Narwich -
is the pretty “Cleopatra’s Collar” a stunning and dramatic piece that is fun to do. It’s scheduled for June 28th. You’ll feel like a Queen wearing this one - Check it out - pics are now posted.

The wire projects:

Gina Struebel -
is teaching two new classes this month - “Sugarcubes” is a fantastic crystal and wire bangle that is sure to capture light from any angle. Look for that on June 13th.

“Faith, Hope, & Love” are pretty new wire crosses. Use crystals or firepolish beads on the one - and have fun shaping wire for the next. Perfect for pendants, or rosary crucifixes for a real special touch. This also on June 13th.

Holly Tarr -
is back on the schedule with her “Garden of Eden” - Tree of Life pendants - June 6th. She worked up two sizes now for two new looks. An amazing technique that would make a perfect gift for friends and family. You can also embellish these as “birthstone pendants”.

Chainmaille & PMC projects:

Carol Lepage -
has scheduled a new Chainmaille classes - called Flower weave on June 4th. Pretty links combined with stone or glass beads - very pretty! You will love this weave. Looks great as a long necklace too!

Carols’ PMC Meets Mother Nature is back on for June 14th - if you haven’t dabbled in PMC yet - this is the perfect starter class - start with this one - you will be glad you did. Amazing stuff!

Those are some of the highlights - and there is plenty more on the schedule too - be sure to check the website or stop in for a printed copy soon.

Future Projects:
Sue Quinque has schedule two new chainmaille projects for the July & August - Orbital chainmaille, and Vertebre Chainmaille. Both amazing. You will love these weaves. Check out the calendar...

Gina too has added a fun summer cuff called Ariel’s Treasure, Freeform Cab Wire Wrapping, and Caged Treasures, and Ring Trio is back on for July!

Sharon has added her ~Dichroic Glass Fusing~ again for July 25 - you will love this class!

I’ll be adding Freeform Netting and Beaded Cabochons…as soon as I get the samples finished... So stay tuned.

Thank you to all my wonderful, passionate, teachers - who work so hard to bring you interesting classes, and keep you up to date on all of the most latest techniques. As most of you know -they work hard to bring you as varied a schedule as any big bead show venue. You simply cannot beat the value of our personalized classroom experience, in a comfortable setting, at an affordable price, and with such qualified teachers.

On a personal note - I wish to thank everyone who came out to help celebrate my…fift…my April birthday - I was truly surprised and so moved by all of your generosity and kindnesses. It’s been and amazing year and a half - and I am so grateful for all of my new found friends! You all are so special to me. Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedules to surprise me like that. Thank you for your wishes, and blessings, and all of the great little gifts - I cannot tell you how much it meant to me. And thank you to my family and especially my beautiful daughter Carlie - who coordinated it all and found a way to actually, really, catch me off guard -that never happened before!

And always - thank you all for your continued and generous support of the store - we really, truly appreciate your continued business, especially in these tough economic times. We hope that we give as much back to you in choosing products and developing classes and providing a unique venue for which you can feel comfortable making new friends while exploring your creative side. Our doors and our hearts are always open to you.

Best to you, as always -
Andrea & Carlie.

Ps. Happy Father’s day to all our men this month! We couldn’t have done it without you!

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