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Nightmares & Other Fun Stuff.

Aug 20, 2009

Well, the nightmare is finally, over.

Have you been wondering where I’ve been – on the internet, I mean? –

Why I’ve just been to hell and back, wrestling Vista into performing like a real operating system. Believe me people – if some pimply faced college kid in Circuit City (Oh that’s right – they’ve gone out of business now – haven’t they?…) tries to sell you a Toshiba laptop with Vista operating system installed on it – and that same pimply faced kid tries to convince you that “It’s a really great little laptop – and don't worry - Vista’s bugs have been all worked out!” – smash him over the head with it and run like hell out of the store.

It’s just a suggestion.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not proposing or endorsing Geek abuse- Oh, heaven’s no. In fact, I love geeks. Especially since Karen Lewandowski’s handsome geeky husband, Mark – generously donated his time to get me out of the jam. (I am forever indebted to you, Mark! Thank you!)

So let’s be clear - I’m only endorsing abusing pimply faced college kids who promote laptops with Vista installed on them who lied to you.

Anyway – I know this rant has absolutely nothing to do with beads – but at least I feel better. (And since when do my newsletters actually have something to do with beads anyway?)

So now that my computer is, dare I whisper …"behaving"… I was finally able to get the website all updated with new pics of July’s bead challenge, pics and descriptions of the new classes, as well as the September class calendar loaded too.

Why, I’ve even been able to start a new page on the site – called “Thoughts”. It’s a daily journal, blog, kinda, sorta thing. From time to time I might actually post something important…something bead related, or something non-bead related…ya just never know. Check it out when you’re bored sometime.

In fact – check it out just to see Scott & Eric’s pooch - Pretty Poofy Pink Princess Jessica, who came to visit us just the other day. She’s so cute! Pink, but sooo cute.

Now onto the fantastic new beady date=ups that you’ve all been waiting for:

~July’s Bead Challenge:
July’s bead challenge was totally fun- The theme was “Beach Wedding” and participants had to stay within the same monochromatic color palate – the creativity was awesome! The four winning entries received gift certificates to the store. A hearty congratulations goes out to:

1st place winner Gina Struebel, for her stunning shell and wire Sea Goddess necklace,

2nd place went to Holly Tarr took with her “Beautious Beacherific Matrominial Bling” – a creatively pretty set consisting of a tiara, earrings and necklace –

3rd place went to Marina Duskin for her beautiful “Beaded Bride – Head to Toe – veil pin, earrings, beaded garter belt & beach slippers.

4th place went to Melissa Yovanov – for her really sparkly and pretty hand beaded satin “Little Mermaid Wedding Slippers.”

Steph Mansmann, actually used part of her very own wedding veil for her pretty version of “The Maid of the Mist”-

Peggy Sorrell did an exquisite pearl & crystal necklace, earrings, and bracelet set fit for any bride -

Ashley Liddle did a beautifully unique beaded necklace called Romantic Waves” all swirly and girly–

And Traci Henn created a sparkling barefoot anklet that would be perfect for any real beach wedding.

The voting was so very close – and each participant received many great compliments from visiting customers – thank you so much to all who participated,as well as voted! We were floored by the entries – such creativity! Check out the pics on the website!

~October Bead Challenge: Due Tuesday, October 6.
October will be another theme related event – but this time, no kits to purchase. In honor of Halloween – we’re thinking…beaded masks! So get your beads out and show us what you can do! Any style, any size, any technique goes – as long as it’s in the form of a mask…

~Labors of Love – The Beaded Patchwork Quilt Project – by the Buttercup Beaders:
Update: We’ve received a beautiful selection of beaded peyote patches thus far – and have extended the deadline to donate until the end of September. We also are currently looking for volunteers to come in and organize the finalizing of the project. If you’re interested – please call or stop in. Visit the website page for more details.

~Other Goodies:
~Twelve new trays (over 1000 tubes) of new seed beads out…need I say more?

~A small but expanding line of shimmering Delica’s here to tempt you too. And brand new 1.5mm seed cubes. Oooh…ahhh…

~A whole 50 lb. box of new Czech glass now added to the Wall O’Beads…again, need I say more?

~And of course – I’m going shopping at Bead Fest – so that means lots more a’coming your way…..

~Totally cool new classes added to the Buttercup Classroom:
Check out - beautiful Beaded Kumihimo, pretty Ribbon Candy, stunning Flower Power & Party Girl, & impressionistic Renoir’s Garden, exquisite Enchanted Garden – along with some of the other “oldies but goodies”- Carol’s basic PMC, Sue Q's Coiled Swirl Links, and many others. We promise you will love these projects!

~Yikes! The holidays are fast approaching – and to help you get ready – another Beaded Ornament project is ready for you. Cinderella’s Ball – Ornament II is now ready – I’ve added it onto the end of August, Sat. the 29th, as well as for September 6th & 17th. Check it out!

~Bead Soirees:
Next bead soiree is August 26 from 6-8ish pm, room is still available – we hope you will join us. Then again on September 9th & September 24th from 6 to 8ish pm. Mark your calendar and call to save a seat! We hope to see you!

~Thank you, and thank you again…
It was a thrill to see our little store featured recently in the Fall issue of Bead Unique Magazine– (pg. 44) – and most recently in the little Berks/Montco Community Connections newspaper - we hope that you’ve had a chance to read them – what a kick! If any of the editors are reading this – Thank you again!

That’s about it for now - and as always – thank you to all our “regulars” who have consistently and so generously supported the store – and thank you to all of our NEW buttercup visitors that happen to find us each day - we hope that you all have had a safe and happy summer – and look forward to seeing you soon! Keep those bead boards busy in the meantime…

Andrea & Carlie

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