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Tapping my fingers....

Sep 25, 2009

Hello, my fine Buttercup Beaders –

There now, that’s a good start.)

…tapping my fingers… “…what to write, what to write…”

Type, erase….

type, type, type, erase, erase, erase…..tapping my fingers some more…
(Suddenly hearing Dory,) “…Just start swimming, swimming…”

(Sheeze, you never know who is going to visit my head at any given moment…)

Type, erase, type, type…

type, delete, delete, delete…

Sigh. “I feel *so* uncreative.”

Type, erase, type, type, type, delete, delete, delete…

“Write *something!*, dammit.”

You know… I hear through… the beaded grapevine from time to time, that some of “yous people” actually really enjoy reading my monthly/bimonthly? “newsletters”…

I hear things like - you look forward reading them because you never know what to expect; sometimes they make you laugh and sometimes they make you cry… (Pointing –> Melissa) Sometimes, I hear, that they’ve even helped you get through a trying day at the office (right Beth?) And it’s always remarkable to me that once in a while someone reports that they’ve actually inspired their creativity! (Which is the goal, after all, don’cha know.)

Don’t get me wrong, I’m really happy that some of you actually read what I send out – it’s satisfying to know that more than a few of you look forward to receiving them. And heck, who wouldn’t enjoy a good audience?! And I really do appreciate the nice comments – it makes my head kind of swell and feel all bubble-wrappy, and makes all the work so worth it. The flip side of all this is that the pressure is on to continue to be “creative” with each little musing, and also because the Aries, middle-catholic-child in me never wants to disappoint…

In fact, I do enjoy writing, probably as much as beading. I’ve written creatively (minus the proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation) for two (<-see!) many years to count. Regardless of the topic, I enjoy the little challenges of figuring out how to let you slip into my head, without you even noticing.

But sometimes writing something even remotely interesting is really hard to make happen. Most times, my inspiration to write comes from a little “event” that happened along the way. Most times, anyway…

As you already know, I try to always notice the unexpected delights as they come my way, as they always make for a good foundation from which to build on. So either my life has been really boring these last few weeks, or I just wasn’t paying close enough attention to what was happening around me. Probably both are true. What can I write about, when nothing has inspired me? What can I “create” then, when nothing is in front of me?

Type, type, erase,

type, type, type, erase, erase, erase…

The point is - many days, creativity is really hard to come by. Creating something out of nothing can feel downright impossible. (Like now.) But one thing I’ve learned about writing over the years is that you have to keep “at it.” You sometimes have to force yourself to sit down and just keep trying new things – type, delete, rewrite and recompose …eventually… very eventually, things will begin to happen. One thought leads to the next –and then to the next…

…and before you know it…things start to actually come together...

And then you begin to see where things are…actually going…

Hey, wait a minute!…

(Stopping to look at all of the words I just wrote...)

Gasp! Can you see the lightbulb over my head!?

Can you see the lightbulb over *your* head!?

It’s the same for beading; for creating great jewelry now isn’t it? Especially when the pressure is on to create – like getting ready for an upcoming craft show or other event.

Now this just goes to show that on the days that you’re feeling pretty discouraged – when sitting down to create something feels like homework, instead of fun - sit down anyway and just play with your beads. String them and take them apart, rearrange them and add new things, try new colors or shapes together. Let the beads show you where they want to go – what *they* want to become part of. Clear your mind and let it happen, organically, naturally, without the threat of disillusionment.

Dory was right. “…Just keep swimming, swimming, ...”– and eventually creativity will flow like a current through an ocean of possibilities...

Thanks for walking me through my head with this one, folks. Oh, and happy CREATIVE beading everyone.
Here then, are the fine beady updates:

~New Materials:
What else! Beads, beads, and more beads. Ooh – but there are also some groovy new fiber cords I’ve crocheted for you – wait until you see what I am doing with these – stop in the store to see the projects!

~Bead Challenge: Beaded Mask Reminder – Due October 6 – Remember, no kits to purchase - dig into your bead stash and design a mask for Halloween! Prizes awarded to the winners. Check the website for details.

New Classes for the Fall:
-Well, you have to know by now, that we’re always busy adding new designs to the classroom line up. Be sure to visit the website (www.buttercupbeads.com) for pictures, descriptions, dates & times of all current and upcoming projects.
And remember, if the scheduled class does not fit into your busy schedule – please call to arrange for a private class, at no extra charge.

Brand new! Starting November - ****Cold Connections***** is coming to Buttercup Beads!

Ladies! Start your hammers! We are really excited and happy to bring you a great new technique in the metals department. The every amazing Sue Quinque and equally fabulous Gina Struebel have done the homework for you and are looking forward to teaching you the secrets of “cold connections” right here in the Buttercup classroom. Learn how to cut and texturize copper, brass, and sterling, and then form them into pendants and earrings using brads & rivets. No solder or smelly chemicals needed. This was one of the hottest classes at Wire and Bead fest this year. Be sure to sign up early.

Sue is teaching “Creative Cold Connections” on November 1 – learn how to make beautiful metal pendants in this great class. Once you know the techniques – the sky’s the limit!

Gina is teaching “Hammer-time” earrings on November 14. Plenty of time for you to make few pairs of hand-wrought earrings in just a few short hours.

In the Seed Bead Department:
- I’m teaching a few beautiful designs called “Flower Power”, “Cinderella’s Ball beaded ornament II”, “Party Girl” crystal bracelet, and a Delica and crystal project called “Casino Royale”. If you missed them in September, be sure to look for them again in October –as they’ve been very popular. I am working on a few new projects to add for October and November so keep checking the website!

In the Wire Department:
-There is still room in my “Wire Coiled Bangle” class tomorrow 9/26 from 1-3:30 pm. – so if you have the time, we’d love to have you!

-Wire Bead Crochet is back on for 10/7 – fast, and fun to do!

-New! Gina Struebel is teaching how to use wire to form a really intriguing pendant called “Charlotte’s Web”. Turn any large stone pendant into something really artistic with this fun new “webby” weave. Catch it 9/27 and then again on 10/30.

-New wire project for November! Pretty “Stepping Stones” Bracelet – a fun way to weave chunky stone beads into a fabulous coil cuff bracelet – this is perfect for the winter months.
And the ever popular -Wire wrap “freeform cabochon” 10/18 and “Ring Trio” 10/17 is back on too.

In the Glass Fusing Department:
-Sharon DeVanna scheduled her wonderful Dichroic Glass Fusing on 10/10. This was such a fun class! Learn how to design and build multiple dichroic glass pendants by nipping and cutting glass in one afternoon. You don’t want to miss out on this one!

In the PMC department:
-Carol LePage is offering “PMC Mother Nature” on 10/25 again, if you missed it last time – now’s your chance – this is a fabulous way to create exact replicas of leaves, twigs, and petals. So much fun to do too!

~In the Chainmaille Department:
-Sue’s “Orbital Chainmaille” is scheduled again for 10/20 – a beautiful weave for all you chain-maille lovers. This would make a fanastic holiday gift for someone special!

Remember the calendar is always a work in progress – check the site frequently for new projects and new updates!

~In other news:
-Faune Sneddon and Maryann Doering are falling apart. But don’t worry, the docs are putting them back together! – we just want you to know that we’re thinking of you and sending good wishes and lots of prayers your way! Feel better soon girls!

~Pink Soirees. October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. Ladies remember to get your annual Mammogram!

Once again, we’d like to join in support with Main Line Bead Society’s - Beaded Warrior Project - by donating finished jewelry, beads and findings. All jewelry will then be donated to treatment centers to be distributed to women undergoing chemo and radiation. It’s a great cause with even greater success, and from the feedback we’ve been given – survivors are really grateful knowing that they have us supporting them with our thoughts and prayers. Please drop of your pink and white themed donations at the store when you can. In addition, we’ve added extra soiree dates for October, and have designated them “Pink Soirees” so come and join us to finish jewelry for the cause. Please help in any way you can!

Please mark your calendars: Pink Soiree Dates: 10/1, 10/4, 10/15, 10/27

Okay – that’s it for now! As always, Carlie and I want to sincerely thank each of you for your continued enthusiasm and support of the store – we really appreciate all of our new found friends! Stop in when you can and let us see what you’re working on! In the meantime – sending creative thoughts your way!

Andrea & Carlie

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