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Ah November, tis the season of fashion faux pas...

Nov 5, 2009

Hello my Fine, Fellow, Buttercup Beaders –

Ah November, tis the season of fashion faux pas. At least in my closet.

I don’t know about you, but I’m always confused about how to dress this time of year. I’m dressing like I’m straddling two seasons. I’m all autumn and chilly on top and all summer sandals still on bottom. I can’t seem to find a reason to squeeze my feet into “real shoes” just yet – preferring to keep my dogs open to the fresh air (Besides, open shoes help cool down those occasional, but pesky, hot flashes a little easier too.) My late summer pedicure is faded and chipped, with hints of Tropical Punch Pink still left on my toes. (They look terrible!) It’s almost as if my toes know more about the season than I do. Right now, my tired toes and feet are really chilly, and I’d give almost anything for a pair of soft warm socks. But never fear - even *I* am not desperate enough to wear socks with my summer sandals - even if it is November. No, I’ll leave that particular department to my husband. (Yes, Carlie, I did too see Dad wearing white socks with his sandals yesterday.)

Anyway, I just had to share that. Drop me a line if any of you are in the same predicament. It will make me feel better, and slightly less fashionably discombobulated. (<-- It’s a word – I swear! Look it up.)

So, what then should I write about to inspire and help you feel creative this season? Hmmm, let’s see…

I should probably remind you that Autumn is also the best time of year to try your hand at doing a few holiday craft shows to promote your hobby or make some extra money. Lots of great shows out there these next few weeks, and I hope that you are taking advantage of them. If you’re not showing – I hope that you are at least attending a few of them here and there. Craft shows are a great way to keep your finger on the pulse of what’s new and happening, by seeing new designs, new colors, new media, new techniques, and new trends.

It’s also a great way to do a little sleuthing and gauge just how well your work would fit in. They allow you to see how well your designs would stand up to others, as well as see what people are charging. Inspecting other artisan creations will also show you if your jewelry making techniques are where they need to be.

Scoping out multiple craft shows and talking to exhibitors lets you gather great insight as to what kind of clientele attends, what people usually spend, and which ones would be successful for you to get into next year. If you feel like you are ready to sell your creations, and missed out on a specific show to exhibit – ask a friend or relative to host a holiday home show for you, or host an open house of your own! Invite your friends and family to get a jump on their holiday shopping. Pay your hostess a percentage of your total profits in jewelry at the end of the show. It’s a win-win situation for all.

Happy Autumn, Happy Beading, and Craft shows everyone.
Here then, are the beady Buttercup updates:

So, besides new stone beads, seed beads and findings - the November Class Schedule is up and posted. ("Yay!") Pictures of the classes are posted too! ("Double Yay!") Now wait – are you sitting down – get this: I’ve even worked on a good part of December….and even one or two already for January! (Gasp!?! "Will wonders never cease!?", I hear some of you saying..) Hey,not my fault. Mercury & Jupiter must have moved into my solar house of class scheduling, alright Miss Smartypants? Sheeze.

So be sure to appreciate my hard work and check out the dates online, or stop in for a paper schedule. Sign up early people. Seats fill fast.

~New! Creative Cold Connections & Hammertime Earrings:
I’ve kept the schedule a little light due to the holidays but nonetheless interesting, with great new metal classes like Sue Quinque’s & Gina Struebel’s loud and Liver of Sulpher smelly - Creative Cold Connections & Hammertime Earrings. Both classes focus on the hottest (and most audible) technique going today. You will learn how to cut, hammer, texturize, patina, and create connections using rivets, screws, and brads. No soldering or chemicals allowed. These classes were sold out at Bead Fest this year due to popularity. But never fear – Buttercup Beads is bringing them direct to you, (as always), at a very low and very reasonable price. Bring earplugs and nose clips. (Thank you, Sue and Gina!)

~New! Andromeda, Boro Bubbles, & Beaded Ornament III & Jen’s Pind Chainmaille:
I’ll be teaching my version of another popular Bead Fest seed project – I called “Andromeda” – a sparkly crystal and seed beads creation that would be perfectly dramatic for the holidays. I’ve also added a really fun and quick wire project called “Boro Bubbles” and have completed the third in the series of The Beaded Ornaments. Bead Ornament III is stunning! Really. (Alex! You will be so happy!) And for all you Chainmaille lovers who missed it the first time around – Pretty Jen’s Pind is back on for 11/21. Let me know - I have to order rings!

~Dichroic Glass Fusing with Sparkly Sharon DeVanna:
Still time to try your hand at Glass Fusing with Sharon – unbelievably gorgeous and fun to do. Makes multiple pendants – great for Holiday gift giving! Thursday night: 11/19

~Still Popular Classes:
Juliet, Bead Tapestry, Yin-Yang, Russian Spiral, Renaissance Beads, Casino Royale, Elegant Evening - are all on the schedule too! So if you’ve missed them in the past – sign up now!

~Free Snowflake Workshops Soirees: 11/13 and 11/24
So to get us in a festive mood , and due to popular demand – I’ve scheduled two Free Beaded Snowflakes workshops for our Soirees this month. Kits are only $15, instructions are free. Each kit makes three different sized snowflakes. Pretty! Kits are optional – if you’d rather just join us to bead a project you’re already working on – great! The more the merrier.

~Happy Second Anniversary to Buttercup Beads!
I hope you can believe it, because we still can’t. November 27 is our 2nd Anniversary – and we’re still going strong! To celebrate, we’re giving you 20% off purchases all day long. Yippee-Kai(?)-Yay!! Bang! Bang! Pistols shooting off... Yep. We thought that would make you happy.
(Some restrictions naturally, class fees, artisan jewelry excluded, and cannot be combined with other discounts.)

~Store closing early 11/25 – 3pm. & Closed Thanksgiving 11/26.
There be pies to make and Turkeys to dress. And then of course, elastic waist pants to wear all day Thursday…

~I’ll be showing at Der Belschnickel Holiday Craft Show again this year – Boyertown High School – Nov. 27 & 28th. Show information 610-367-5255 www.boyertownhistory.org. Come see me and say Hi, or nag Carlie in the store all day...you know she'd like that.

As always – thank you to each and every one of you for your loyal and continued support. Thank you for inspiring us, for your friendships, and for the love and laughter – it’s been an amazing ride so far – with more on the way.

Have a blessed and Happy Thanksgiving – filled with family and friends. Eat too much, count your blessings, and laugh often.

Best of all possible good wishes to you –
Andrea & Carlie.

(Ps. It’s official. Carlie’s in love…)

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