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If it's July - it must be Christmas...

Jun 24, 2010

If it's July - it must be Christmas...
or something like that.
Hello, My Fine Buttercup Beaders!

I hope this newsletter finds you well, keeping cool, and busy with new bead projects. If not - then well...that's were I come in - "know what I mean, know what I mean, - nudge, nudge - say no more, say no more - know what I mean?" (<---Any Monty Python fans out there will totally get that..)

Okay. Can I tell you how sick and tired I am of the colors Red, White, and Blue? I know, I know - it's probably not something I should admit to this month - but let me explain.

So I was thinking way back before Memorial Day, that we should have a few "patriotic projects" to do for Holidays like Memorial Day, Flag Day...4th of July - and set off to design a few projects using red, white & of course, good ol blue...

I must have started and ripped out and redesigned, over 25 different flag projects and tried all sorts of sizes, colors, and shapes of beads - and finally - finally - came up with three projects that I am pretty happy with - even if, as of this writing, the instructions and illustrations are not totally finished - but rather collecting coffee stains on the various napkins, backs of envelopes, half sheets of paper, and post-its that I scribbled my design notes on...

but I digress...

I really wanted to design a "scaled" version of the American Flag - not just an impression of one - one that has 13 stripes, is the correct length and balance of blue - and of course - a star design that looks realistic too. And then I wanted a Colonial Flag, and then some Bunting...and I am happy to say that the hard work paid off, and I think I came up with a pretty design - that hopefully - even the bead magazines will want to publish (waiting to hear..).

So - let the Militia drums roll - I am proud to present two new patriotic classes for you this month - Old Glory bracelet, and American Flag Bunting necklace. Besides scheduling them as classes, I've also decided to kit them with instructions - for those of you who like and can actually follow them - here in the store. I should have the kits finalized and ready by the end of this week. Check out the pics below and calendar schedule. I hope you like them!

Also this month, we're thinking opposite and have decided to put our minds to snowy thoughts of winter and have scheduled Christmas in July classes like Beaded Ornaments I, II & III and even added a cute little wreath and icicle class to use for package decorations or as actual ornaments for the tree.

Personally, I always hated Christmas in July events - because it's a hundred times more irritating than seeing Halloween decorations in August, and it automatically puts me in a Bah-Humbug kind of mood thinking about all the stress that comes with the holidays. It's a Pavlov's Dog kinda thing I guess. But trust me, there is reason to host it this soon, and it's not so that I can be "done and wrapped" by September like some people I know...and you know who you are.....(Knotty Donna).

Last year, when I introduced the beaded ornaments in the Fall - my intentions were that I would knock out a few designs and cover my whole tree with these stunning ornaments dripping in crystals and pearls. And you all would come in and fall in love with them as much as I did and want to make a million of your own! Little did I know that these dang beaded ornaments take more than a couple of hours to finish, some of them 5 hours or more to finish - and so my dreams of a shimmering and sparkling tree rolled right off the road and into a snow bank...as I only managed to get two or three ornaments done, and not the hundred that I had hoped.

So this year - before Christmas tackles me to the ground again - like it always does...I thought we should try to sneak up on it instead. Hence - the Christmas in July at Buttercup Beads! Anyway - the ornaments are worth the hard work - and really pretty when done, so I hope you'll join us for a little eggnog and sunscreen at one of these fun and fabulous classes.

What else, what else...ah yes! Besides a whole calendar of fun classes scheduled - I've also added a new and pretty spiral design - for all you spiral lovers out there called - Spiral Delight, Sue Q is teaching Fanciful (Fine silver) Fusing, Gina is teaching another wire workshop and a pretty new wire Angel Pendant, (and hopefully will get a new ring class in too at the end of the month.) Check out the calendar for dates and times.

A couple-three, no four - important notes worth mentioning:

1. The store will be closed for the 4th of July - so if you're planning a bar-be-cue bead out - get your bead shopping done early - we get new stuff in most every week!

2. July 29th is Carlie's Birthday - Save 10% off seed beads all day! Happy Birthday Miss Car!

3. They're finally done! - we've been printing and packaging directions to most of my Buttercup Class Projects. Kits to some projects to follow..

4. And finally, on a happy/sad note - Congratulations to Dr. Chris- who just completed his surgical residency....which also means he will also be leaving us soon to return to his "other family" in Arizona....sigh...our hearts...our hearts are breaking...

Much success and happiness in your new career, and your new adventures Chris! Know that we love you - and we will miss you very much. This place won't be the same without you.

Okay - so read on for pics and descriptions of some of the new classes - And thank you to all for your continued support and friendships - You all rock our world.

Andrea & Carlie

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