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Save 20% on purchase 5/27 to 5/29/16

May 26, 2016

Happy Memorial Day!
Save 20%
Friday, Saturday, & Sunday
May 27-29
20% Off Entire Purchase!
Enjoy this holiday weekend with a little kick off of summer savings!
This Friday, Saturday and Sunday, save an additional
20% on your entire purchase!*
Sale ends 5/29/16.
*Some exclusions apply, see store for details.

Old Glory American Flag Kits Available!
Tutorial includes Colonial and Classic Star Motif -
The perfect holiday bracelet for Memorial Day!
Delica Kit - $42
11/0 Rounds Kit - $38.

American flag bunting Necklace Kits Available!
The perfect Flag Bunting Necklace for Memorial Day!
Kit Price: $38.
Make one for yourself and one for a friend!

A Special Thank You Note to every one of our Customers...
As most of you know, two very fine local bead stores are closing soon and many more have closed over recent years. It's a bit unsettling and very sad to see any of them go. I personally applaud the women who had the courage and dedication to jump into this business. Opening, owning, and operating a small bead store is no small thing.

Every single shop owner has felt the impact of the scores of options available to the customer - whether it's online somewhere, or bead show, or the big box store. Information and availability is easy and at your fingertips 24/7 now. Competition is good for business - it's true - but it must also be balanced. Supporting businesses locally is so darn important for your community. Your shopping experiences stay unique and varied and y our tax dollars stay in your community.

Personally, owning a bead store is both rewarding and scary. It is also as exhausting and stimulating. It is always a labor of love, takes unwavering dedication, is a huge monetary risk, and a ton of hard work. No one gets rich opening a bead store. Just because the front door is locked, surely does not mean the work has stopped. Why then, do we hang in there?

We do it because it's our creative passion. We do it because we have a love for our creative community. W e do it so that you can hold something tangible in your hand, to match colors perfectly, to compare sizes and textures. There is so much value in that. Your finished piece is all the better - just because of that. We do it so you can become inspired. We do it to stay connected and learning. We do it to continue our own creative journey, hand in hand right along with you.

Think about the time you first walked into a bead store. How did it make you feel? Pretty darn nice, I'll bet. Bead stores are happy places. You might get a rush walking into a shoe store - but you certainly don't get that same feeling of Zen there as you do you local bead store. Bead stores make you smile. It's your place to become inspired and get away from your daily stresses. Shoes are nice, don't get me wrong - but there is nothing like carrying home a secret little bag of beads in your purse... Come on - admit it. I know that you do. I still feel it even when I walk into my own store, or snag some new beads to go home and play with.

You probably don't realize how important every single little purchase and referral is to keeping things going forward around here. We do. And we really appreciate you taking the time to come visit our store - which really is your store. It is no small thing. It's huge in the world of small business.

Carlie and I want to seriously thank you, and thank you again - every single one of you - for your continued and loyal support of Buttercup Beads. We so appreciate you.

We will continue to strive to bring you fun shiny things and ideas in a sometimes messy and Bill Bill riddled environment. We look forward to seeing you soon! Best wishes for a fun and relaxing holiday.
Thank you, once again. We hope this holiday gives you time to relax and enjoy your new beads. Make something pretty now!

Love to all -
Andrea & Carlie

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